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Acne Scar Laser Surgery: A New Break Through

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0

Waking up every morning looking on the mirror you see yourself a little different than yesterday, and when you look at your old photos a big difference can be noticed. Your face has lots of acne scars. You are now wondering how to get rid of those scars and make your face the way it used to be. These scars have caused misery and low self-esteem to people around the world. Acne scar laser surgery is a new technology that offers treatment of ugly scars caused by pimples. It is a minor surgery that can now be performed in the out-patient department that is less invasive and proven to be more effective than the previous technology.
Also knows as laser resurfacing, the treatment of acne treats numerous skin imperfections. The Erbium: Yag and the Carbon Dioxide are the two types of acne scar laser surgery. The laser burns the epidermis layer of the skin, as the skin heals fresher and smoother skin resurface. Proper skin care is recommended after the surgery as the skin heals to prevent any new scarring. Before considering this kind of surgery, try to visit a dermatologist first for consultation. The doctor will instruct to clear acne first before undergoing the surgery. Just bear in mind that this type of acne treatment can cause discoloration to people with dark complexions. In addition, this surgery is not a quick remedy; it takes time before the scar to heal and may take months to see results.
Acne is a skin disease that almost everyone undergoes that causes unattractive scaring when ignored. Even though acne is treatable, it does not only leave ugly dark marks, it also may affect the quality of life you once had. Acne scar laser surgery clears all of those scars left by acne. A visit and consultation to your dermatologists is highly commendable to know more about acne scar laser surgery and what laser surgery is best suited for you. And regain your confidence and normal life. It may cost you significantly, but the effect creates a lifetime.

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