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Acne Prevention - Some Useful Tips

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 10   |   Comments: 0

The mere mention of the word acne makes jitters run across one's spine. The first thing that pops up in ones mind when one thinks of acne is an acne prevention treatment. Technically speaking, acne is a lump or a cyst that generates usually on an individual's neck, face, and back, because of clogged pores. This problem may not be dangerous, but it is difficult to deal with.

The psychological effect that acne scars have is tremendous. In fact, under severe circumstances it may lead to rupture of the skin and scarring. Moreover, certain acne treatment could last for years. Hence the saying 'caution is better than cure' applies well to this problem. For that matter, here are some ways of acne prevention:

Balanced Diet

A well balanced diet plays a very important role in acne prevention. An unbalanced nutritional regime, with excessive intake of oil can lead to the occurrence of pimples. Therefore make sure you give more emphasis on the consumption of green vegetables, fruits. Moreover, make certain that you drink lots of water to keep the body detoxified and properly hydrated.

Proper Cleansing

Another great method of acne prevention is using proper cleansers to wipe off the dirt on the skin. Always choose a cleanser depending upon the texture of your skin. If your skin is oily then choose a dry cleanser and if your skin is dry choose an oil based cleanser. Moreover, make sure you always wash your face with Luke warm water.  Cleansers consisting of granules and gel are very good to get rid of the dirt more efficiently. They also wipe off the dead cells and skin.


Astringents are another must have to ensure acne prevention. These solutions assist in removing excess oil from the skin. Make sure you buy an astringent containing Alpha-Hydroxyl Acid, as it is more effective. Another great wipe off's Benzoyl peroxide pads are also very good for the skin. These pads have become very popular lately and efficiently annihilate excessive oil. You can also go in for prescribed tubes such as Benzoyl peroxide tubes, retinal and the like. However, make sure your dermatologist agrees to it.

Generic Acne Preventions

A sun tan lotion is a must however make sure that the product is completely oil free. Also make sure that you do not poke at your pimple or try to squeeze it. Mishandling leads to further infection. Always keep your head dandruff free. Furthermore, do not take excessive stress and work out daily.

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