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Acne Home Remedies That Are Effective, Cheap and Readily Available

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 7   |   Comments: 0

Ordinary Kitchen items such as cucumber, lemon and vinegar are always used as food and for cooking, but they are also great as acne home remedies.

Everyone of us had pimple every now and then. Due to poor diet and bad habits, lack of personal hygiene, existing health conditions, hormonal fluctuations, and so on, we become a victim of acne at any age. However, most acne types can be effectively treated with cheap and easily available acne home remedies while some acne may require serious medical treatment such as liver cleansing medicines or antibiotics.

Fruits and vegetables are excellent acne home remedies whether they are eaten or applied on acne affected areas.  One can drink diluted lemon juice mixing with honey for taste can contribute to beautiful skin and can help the body eliminate toxins. Rose water mixing with lemon juice makes a wonderful tonic for daily application.  Lime can also be used instead of lemon which has the similar effect.
For Sensitive skin, mashed cucumber or juice form can be used. Unlike many other acne home remedies, cucumber does not dry the skin and acts as a cleanser and moisturizer. One should make a daily routine to drink the mix of cucumber and carrot juice to attack acne from within.

Garlic is an effective home remedy because of its powerful anti-bacterial properties. How about trying something more exotic? In Asia for centuries, Papaya has been used as an acne home remedy as well as a soft and sensuous exfoliate for the whole body. Try fresh tomato puree for oily skin which can remove the excess oil and calm inflammation.

There are many different herbs available to battle acne and are easily accessible either in fresh or dried form. One can have dried herbs in the same way as making tea, then after it is cooled down, can apply gently on the acne using cotton ball.

It can also mixed into a paste or squeeze the juice of fresh herbs and apply on the affected areas. Items like mint, basil, parsley, chamomile, birch leaves, coltsfoot, rosemary can be used to treat acne in a natural and non-abrasive way.

Other cooking items such sea salt, baking soda or brown sugar can be used as acne home remedies for scrubbing, but if the skin is inflamed or sensitive, this will cause further inflammation. Instead one can spray salt water on the face few times a day. One can also use vinegar which is known to be an excellent acne home remedy, but can irritate sensitive skin. But if that happens then dilute it with water.

Common house plant like Aloe Vera is an essential remedy for acne and oily skin. Its meaty leaf and thick gel-juice can be appiled directly on the acne or make refreshing ice cubes by freezing it with water. Honey is another wonderful cleanser for the skin and can be used along with lemon juice and to double the effect add an egg white. It has good absorbing properties that sucks out the impurities from the pores.

Sandalwood mixed with rose water is a great night time treatment, simply apply and leave overnight, then rinse in the morning. Regular toothpaste is among effective acne home remedies when applied on the acne spots while avoiding the rest of the skin.

All of these acne home remedies should be used to prevent acne. For frequent acne outbreaks, it is very important to take proper care for the skin by gently cleaning, having a balanced diet such as fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking lot of water and taking vitamin supplements. One should always try natural and harmless acne home remedies before turning to chemical and over-the-counter acne medicines.

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