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Acne - Do's and Don'ts of Curing Acne

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 9   |   Comments: 0

With 80% of the population suffering from acne at some point in their lives it is not surprising that the internet is awash with instant cures. Most commonly you see advertisements for creams and cleansers which claim to deliver you from your painful and embarrassing affliction

But most of these products don't cure acne. They don't deal with the causes of acne. They merely attempt to deal with the symptoms of acne, unable to cope with the fresh bacterial infections lurking under the skin which will break out in new spots and pimples, undeterred by any cream. Even if a cream is helpful for one person it may not have the same effect on another person and could make the skin worse for that person.

Acne is all about changes in hormones which is why acne is so often turbulent during the teenage years. You can help to reduce or even eliminate outbreaks of acne if you discover how to keep your body 'in balance' and therefore keep acne at bay. You can cure your acne naturally from the 'inside-out', not by applying some external 'miracle cure'.

Here are some simple tips about natural remedies for acne.


Exercise. Exercising three times a week helps keep your body in balance and reduces unnatural stress, one of the principal generators of excessive hormonal activity leading to acne.

Maintain a healthy diet. Eat lots of fresh or frozen vegetables. Vegetables are the source of many of the essential nutrients which a healthy body needs. These nutrients also help balance your hormones which in turn reduce the tendency of the skin to erupt in acne.

Drink water. Drinking lots of water will prevent your body from becoming dehydrated and will help keep your body and consequently your hormones in balance.

Reduce stress. I have known otherwise healthy adults break out with severe acne when enduring severe stress during a marital breakdown or facing redundancy at work. Exercise or stress reducing methods such as meditation or yoga can certainly help. If the stress is really bad you may need professional help.

Wash yourself thoroughly but gently. Don't scrub. Scrubbing will remove too much of the skin's natural oils causing the skin glands to respond by over-producing skin oil, one of the principal causes of acne. For the same reason dry yourself with a clean towel carefully rather than vigorously. Don't use alcohol based cleaners as these will wipe out the natural skin oils leading the skin glands to react with over-production of skin oil.

Remove makeup thoroughly. Especially at night be sure to clean off all your makeup as leaving it there will help clog up the pores in your skin and create a breeding ground for acne. Use cosmetic products which are 'non-comedogenic' or 'non-oil'.


Pick those pimples. Tampering with your spots with your fingers will help spread the infection wider and possibly deeper which could result in some far more painful acne cysts or permanent scarring. Keep your hands away from an infected face. Allow the 'inside-out' methods of restoring your body to its natural balance to work.

Eat bad foods. Vegetable oils have been shown to contribute to hormonal activity. Vegetable oils are commonly fond in junk foods and snacks. Seriously reducing your consumption of these oils will have a significant beneficial effect on your acne. Be careful to reduce your consumption of processed sugar found in tinned vegetables, ready-made meals and soft drinks.

Drink too much alcohol. I know from personal experience in the past that drinking excessive quantities of my favorite drink, red wine, has many alarming consequences, including inflammation of the skin and outbreaks of acne. I learned now how to deal with that and the consequence was a dramatic improvement in my overall health and my acne.

You can cure your acne through natural remedies. These remedies tackle the causes of acne, not just the symptoms. I urge to to choose the natural way to re-balance your body

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