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Accessorising your Kitchen and Bathroom

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 84   |   Comments: 0

Kitchen and bath accessories are the key to not only making these areas comfortable but also for them to look good. The right accessories and furniture can entirely transform your kitchen into the most pleasurable area of your home. The quantity, size and theme of the kitchen accessories must match with your overall decor theme and space available. Here are some tips for you:

1) Once you have decided on the colour of your walls, placing of your refrigerator, counters and cabinets, categorise all your accessories by colour, size or style and then choose them according to the scale and visual balance.

2) Install the largest accessories first, keeping the aesthetic balance, right eye level and distance to the cooking area, then move on to the smaller ones.

3) A wall clock is must in the kitchen, whether you are a student, working person or a housewife, so that you can get done with cooking on time. It also helps you to monitor your cooking better.

4) Designer range hoods do not only look trendy but are also quite functional when it comes to getting rid of smoke and vapours.

5) Kitchen carts and worktables come in quite handy for a variety of reasons and can be moved or folded and slipped under the counter after use.

6) Pot racks and baker's racks are for those with advanced culinary skills.

7) Covered trashcans are a must in the kitchen to discard all those soda bottles and boxes.

8) Cabinet accessories, designer sinks, faucets, knobs and pulls lend a sophisticated look to the kitchen.

9) Stools and chairs that can be stacked one on top of the other can be used and then stacked in the corner in a small kitchen.

10) Chopping blocks and countertops are a must but you may also opt for wine racks.

11) Decorate your appliances too with beautiful decorative panels.

12) Stainless steel wall shelves and backsplash accessories are the latest trend in kitchen decor.

Whether it's shelving accessories, lighting systems, the addition of split rope topper mouldings, lattice, panels, brass grills or glass etchnigs, you can make your kitchen a place of distinction and efficiency with simple and ease to install extras. You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish with just a few feet of wineglass moulding, fluted rosettes, or bun feet added to your favourite fixtures. Low-voltage lighting, pantry organisers, sink front tray sets, pullout trash bins, appliance garages, and shelf lift mechanisms add convenience and organisation to please even the most discriminating kitchen boss.

Most accessory stores have a full line of innovative systems that can turn your kitchen into a showcase. Best of all, most are affordable, practical solutions that are quick and easy to install.


Complete your own custom kitchen accessory projects. Built-in wine racks above refrigerators, mouldings to disguise soffets, and matching appliance, garages are popular kitchen accessories that add quick-access storage, or, a cabinetry display, plate rack, or bookshelf. These projects are not beyond the reach of the average woodworker or handyman or woman and can be accomplished with basic skills and tools. The possibilities are endless with today's line of hardware, woodworking and project supplies.

Bathroom accessories are similarly worked out for pleasure and beauty.

It's not polite to steal things from a luxury hotel's bathroom, but now people aren't snatching embroidered towels or miniature shampoo bottles.

Instead, consumers are taking the coordinated style associated with upscale hotels into their homes, which is one of the factors spurring the evolution of matching accessories in residential bathrooms.

Many plumbing fitting manufactures offer bathroom suites, so people can head to one company for faucets and accessories, grabbing hold of a complete, cohesive look. Matching products offer the one-stop shopping, contractors and their clients crave. "It provides convenience for the builder and consumer," say many designers.

As the role of accessories in the bath increases, so does the range of products. Builders and remodellers now can find so much more than just the basic towel bar, including glass shelves, hotel racks, light fixtures, tumblers, soap dishes, toilet paper holders, and even wall-mounted toilet bowl brushes made to match faucets.

"Every little place now that we can think to decorate, we definitely take advantage of," say many householders.


The wider selection of accessories gives customers a chance to personalise their baths. For example, using an oil-rubbed-bronze robe hook or a chrome wall-mounted toilet brush, homeowners can add individual flair without compromising the consistency of a look.

"You do not have to buy it exactly as you see it in a catalogue or showroom," say homeowners. "The days of everyone on the block having the exact same look are over." But a lot depends on the finishes available, and chrome and brushed nickel in accessories remain the most popular.

"I think that is mostly because when a homeowner goes and picks out, he goes for shine and effect." So, revamp that kitchen and bathroom and decide to make cooking and bathing a pleasure.

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