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Accessories for Kids

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 52   |   Comments: 0

Once your children get to nursery or school age, they suddenly require all sorts of accessories for outdoors, kids hats, scarves, gloves, sun hats, waterproof trousers, rain coats, wellies and more. Getting out on time in the morning takes a great deal of planning and preparation, it's worth looking at the weather forecast the night before so you have an idea of what you are going to need.

It can also be a bit of a nightmare keeping track of all their accessories. Kids hats, gloves and scarves are the standard winter requirements.  Often having matching items makes it easier for your child to recognise their stuff when they are getting ready for playtime.  Labels with their name on are crucial for keeping track of your children's stuff, especially if it ends up in lost property.  I have found several companies that print names on stickers and are suitable for everything. I have used them on the kids hats, scarves, gloves, wellies, lunchbox, school bags, shoes and all of their clothing.  They are much quicker than sewing on labels and they can go on things that are not fabric.  I have used them on my children's water bottles at school and Tupperware boxes that are sent into school with cakes in for the school fete.

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