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Above Ground Pools For Fish Farming - An Exploding New Trend

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 12   |   Comments: 0

As a direct response to soaring food prices and numerous reports of food contamination in recent years, above ground pools are fast becoming the favorite tool of a new breed of revolutionary. No they're not using them to make any type of weapons!

Rather, this new revolution revolves around home fish farming or what is formally known as aquaculture. Fish raised in tanks in peoples backyards with the most favorite choice for a tank being a prefabricated pool and the most preferred fish being tillapia.

When you do the math the numbers are simply amazing. For instance, in a well run system as many as 75 full grown 3-5 pound tillapia can be raised in a 250 gallon tank. Now adjust that up to a 12 foot round prefabricated pool and were talking about potentially several hundred pounds of fish per year.

That's a heck of a lot of backyard fish-frys and if you go the aquaponics route, you can even include him grown organic veggies and salad in those fish-frys. This is because aquaponics is a newer system that incorporates both fish farming and plant gardening collectively.

With aquaponics, the water from above ground pools containing fish is filtered by running it through a hydroponic or water based soiless plant garden. The plants consume the organic nutrient that the fish produce in the form of waste (poop) and the water is returned back the tank.

Another major benefit of aquaponics is that it uses very little water. This makes it the ideal system for city dwellers and people who live in areas that don't have access to cheap water. Another great aspect of all these new systems for food production that use above ground pools is that they also require very little space.

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