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A Wealthy Affiliate Review: Spotlight On Internet Marketing Affiliate Programs

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 26   |   Comments: 0

We have all seen the websites, emails and banner ads talking about affiliate marketing programs. They promise you high rewards, high commissions, bonuses and you are soon lured into the web with these promises. One of the challenges is that once you get into the program you find out really quickly that you are left on your own with a handful of templates and a pile of notes that might as well be printed in Chinese for all the sense they make to you.

So you wade through the papers and fortunately you find that small print near the end that tells you that with just an email you can reach their world class support staff if you have any questions or problems and they'll help you.  Excited you decide to give it a go.  Well, no big surprise - the answer you get back is as Chinese as the directions that you received with your materials.  A review of the website reveals nothing helpful, no real 'tools' and few other resources that are of any value to you.

You're now officially ready to give up on affiliate marketing and go back to something that you understand better (like AdSense). Not so fast - you might have just missed something of value - Wealth Affiliate University (WA). This program delivers what every program promises and doesn't deliver.

Here are the things that make Wealth Affiliate stand out from other programs;

1. Credibility and Stability - Things are different at WA. Kyle and Carson (co-owners of this educational system) have "cracked the code". They are committed to helping you make money online and eliminate the guesswork that is so common. Instead of giving up, they provide encouragement and assistance to ensure that you can succeed.

Unlike the typical affiliate program that comes and goes, Wealthy Affiliate has been around almost a decade. In that time, they have helped people be successful. This is without consideration as to whether people are promoting their own affiliate program, another affiliate program or their own products.

2. Outstanding Affiliate Support System - One of the things that make the support system at WA so unique is their multi-pronged approach to assistance.  Not only can you get email support, but you can easily get advice and assistance from those who have been successful as affiliates. These veterans are determined to ensure you find the level of success they did.

There is also a "Super Affiliate" program - provides you a wealth of additional resources.  You can find bonus give away items worth upwards of $75, links, link tracking, and link cloaking. Not to mention that if you don't know how to build a website or simply don't have the time, they'll help you with a turn-key system.

Finally, they don't limit your opportunities. Wealthy Affiliate Hosting is provided with unlimited hosting that's included in your membership and they have their own site builder that helps you customize your site to be uniquely your own.  The best part of this is that you don't need to worry about products - you are not limited to only WA products, you're free to do it for other products or for your own as well.

3. Potential for Real Profits - There are multiple opportunities presented by Wealth Affiliates. Once you review the site and read the testimonials from real people who have succeeded, you'll find that it is one of the best affiliate marketing programs on the internet today.

The potential for making $20 to $175 on basic commissions is only enhanced if you decide that you upgrade from a monthly fee to an annual fee, your sales just become higher.

Whether you are looking for specialized books, a targeted training program you will not be disappointed with Wealthy Affiliate. They have the tools you need to succeed.

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