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A Review Of The Movie Hot Tube Time Machine

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 22   |   Comments: 0

This current day movie stars 4 friends who take a journey back from present day 2010 and the age of the internet and cell phone back to the past in 1986 through a hot tube time tunnel.

The affects of decisions made back  then in those given moments have traveled all the way to the future and now they are unexpectedly going back to a pivotal day with a foreknowledge of the future and trying to make sense of things all over again without being sure what if anything can change about the future, if indeed they can ever get back.to 2010.

The actors are led by the timeless looking John Cusack, as one of the 4 buddies named Adam and as an actor he never seems to age and looks exactly the same as he did years ago.

He for the most part plays the more sensible leader of these group of friends and they look up to him a bit for that.

Some of the humor is a little too crude and brings an uneven feel at times.

Despite these flaws, which in part roll away as tongue in cheek humor, the 4 main characters seem emerge to where you root for them.

The weave of the movie, although at first convoluted does actually begin to tie together nicely while maintaining edges of real surprises and real mystery.

The touch of science fiction and fantasy was actually quite interesting  within the idea of reconnecting with the relatively recent past, and seeing what the speculation of the upcoming future was then against what actually happened and the question becomes whether there would be only predetermined outcomes that would just be repeated all over again or was there a chance to change history a bit by rolling the dice in some unexpected way that would recreate some parts of the future?

While the movie goes back from present day to the 80's, there was a subtle mix of a 60's feel within the 80's scenes and a remnant of a 60's feel good mentality that seemed to permeate and certainly the movie has a little bit of a pining for the 60's that is traceable.

Overall, this movie works as the characters bubble up and seem to emerge and reemerge and the ending scenes contain some interesting, rising, nice surprises that lend into the underlying mystery that at first seemed submerged in this film but lifts off somehow and someway from some unknown launch pad as the scenes emerge and reconnect into something else in the undersurfaces of mystery..

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