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A Psychic Love Reading - Your Soul Mate Finder

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 29   |   Comments: 0

"Who is my soul mate?" "Are you a soul mate finder?" As you can imagine, I hear those two sentences frequently as I do a psychic love reading. I am going to tell you now what I have heard, seen and learned from the Otherside and from God about the true meaning of the term soul mate.

The Hollywood version of only one soul mate per lifetime is nice in movies, but it is completely inaccurate. The truth is as follows. When we decide, as souls, to come into this thing called The Human Experience, we sit down with a group of other souls. We decide, together, to come into each and every lifetime as teachers for each other. Sometimes we ARE lovers, sometimes family, sometimes friends, sometimes enemies, sometimes oppressor / oppressed, etc. Wayne Dyer says it best with, "I think it's the person who can push your buttons in life. Whoever that person is who can say one thing that pushes your button and you go into a frenzy, that's your soul mate. They're teaching you in that moment that you have not mastered yourself. I think your soul mate is somebody who reminds you constantly that you still have work to do on yourself. You don't really need somebody in there agreeing with and accepting every single thing that you say. This isn't to say that someone should always be disagreeable."

I have discovered that we have approximately six "THE ONE" romantic type soul mates per lifetime. Why so many you ask? People very often make bad decisions in love. Fear or doubt or issues from the past will make people choose to stay locked down and not really open up to love. If you are in love with one of those people, should you suffer without love for the rest of your life because of that person's choices? No. Of course not. You get the opportunity to move on and another potential "THE ONE" will come into your life. The same case applies to death. People die. The one left behind does not have to live a loveless life because of that death.

God or The Universe (whichever name you feel more comfortable with) LOVES love. God wants you to have love. If what you have in your life right now is not working for you, you can choose to move to higher, better, more fulfilling love at ANY time. I know when we are in the thick of it, it is often hard to see clearly. You do not have to continue to stay in a relationship that is not working or that makes you unhappy. You do have the choice to open up to the soul mate relationship that you are really desiring.

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