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A Personal Self Defense Plan For You

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 20   |   Comments: 0
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A Self Defense Plan could include devices such as a high voltage stun gun, pepper spray, personal alarms, Kubotans on a key chain, or even an animal repellent. Planning and following your plan could should mean not being a victim, going home safe at the end of the day and living in less fear.

A self defense pepper spray, high voltage stun gun or personal alarms are good items to have to protect yourself and your loved ones. You will need to Decide which ones are right for you. This will depend on your personal opinions, needs, and degree of protection desired. Be sure you feel comfortable using the devices on a person attacking you. Some people feel they should not defend themselves for fear of offending the mugger or rapist. These folks do not need protection, just very good luck.

A situation could be where an attacker is threatening when you are leaving work or going to your car after a day of shopping at the mall. Before you leave the safety of the building, have your personal alarm and keys in your hand. A stun gun and a personal alarm on your key ring may be a great combination. Switch your stun gun to the ready or on position. Carry the stun gun in your hand or easily accessible. You can clip it to your purse strap or belt, or put it in an easy to reach pocket. You now have an effective personal self defense plan in effect. Watch a video for how to use the Kubaton.

When you feel you may be in danger, activate your personal alarm and prepare to use your stun gun will usually change your attackers ideas about attacking you. But if they still threaten to attack a few seconds of contact from a high voltage stun gun should give you more than enough time to run for safety. You are not trying to capture them, just escape from them. Once you are in a safe location, call 911, and give police the location of the incident, and as good a description of the attacker as you can. And of course follow the 911 operator's instructions. Stay on the line with the 911 operator till you feel safe and do not hang up until you are told to do so.

Create your plan, and get your self defense devices. Plan your course of action should you ever feel threatened, make sure your devices are in good working order. Test & practice with your devices so you will be familiar with them when needed. You will have a much better chance of going home safely to your family in any situation. Stay calm, but alert. Criminals are desperate and may not thinking intelligently. Remaining calm will give you control of your situation.

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