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A Look at the Most Popular Performance Enhancing Drugs

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 8   |   Comments: 0

Nutrition is as important in body building as exercises. Exercises prompt an expansion of muscle fibers while nutrition determines and enables the creation of new muscle cells and the repair of those burnt out during exercises.

Nutrition ensures that building of muscles and the resultant loss of fat does not deplete the body's energy supply and growth factor. Yet in most times than not, body builders are unable to consume the appropriate diets for a variety of reasons. Some crucial minerals may be unavailable to the body builder, or very expensive to maintain in the diet. As such dietary supplements come in handy.

A wide variety of dietary supplements are available in the market today.  Various products manufactured are used by body builders in a desperate attempt to enhance muscle size, maintain healthy and flexible joints, argument for rare-nutrients deficiencies and amplify body fat combustion.

However, modern scientific research to the validity of dietary supplements, concur that only a minute number of the commercially manufactured diet supplements can be effective if used regularly by healthy and physically active athletes. Of the most common performance enhancer Creatine. Creatine is a legally available diet supplement that performs wonders for body builders. 

Creatine while taken into the body, converts into Creatine Phosphate, which greatly amplifies phosphorus molecules in the body and consequently increases the regeneration of ATP. Regenerated ATP provides a body builder with dynamic quantities of energy that could last abnormally long even during the most intense workouts.

Even the best of antidotes always finds its way to abuse, especially when its attributes promise more than can be gained in the natural ordinances. Supplements by themselves and if used with keen interest of their nutritional value, are essential and even advisable especially in competitive body building. However, some body builders driven by wanton gluttony have abused supplements to devilish extents. The consequence has been their being seriously dangerous to body builder's health.

When supplements are used without regard to their nutritional contents but to maximally boost muscle volume, they stop being supplements and become drugs. It is no wonder then that most nations in the world have blacklisted supplements as controlled and illegal substances for manufacturers, distributors, vendors and users.

Body builders use supplements to substitute such drugs as anabolic steroids. The point to note is that supplements were the precursor substances constituted in such body building prescriptions as Prohormones. These substances evolved primarily as supplements necessary in increasing Muscle Hypertrophy.

For any healthy use of supplements, body builders must gain control of their desires, and tame their impatience in building huge, packed muscles. These supplements should always be used based on valid medical prescriptions not only to legalize their access and use, but also to guarantee body health.  Other illegal substances which are prone to abuse by soon go lucky body builders are Human Growth Hormones.

Although steroids magnify muscle hypertrophy, by increasing proteins synthesis, they are closely accompanied by injurious side effects especially hepatotoxicity, acne, male baldness, gynecomastia and testicular atrophy.

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