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A King Mattress Means More Sleep Space

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 85   |   Comments: 0

When purchasing a new innerspring or memory foam mattress, many purchasers often decide to upgrade to a king mattress for the additional sleep space it provides for them.  Though a queen size mattress is also a good option for adult sleepers, some customers prefer the additional width for sleeping comfort.  Though a peaceful night's rest is certainly the most important factor in the decision to buy a new bed, when considering upgrading the size of a mattress, it is important to be aware of the space available in the bedroom, the architecture of the home, and the method of delivery for the item.

A king mattress is a full sixteen inches wider than a queen size mattress, making it 76 x 80 inches in dimension.  When determining if this is a good mattress size for a bedroom, these sixteen inches can make a big difference in how the room is laid out.  When the bedroom furniture is included in the room, those extra inches can either make the room feel fully furnished and cozy, or it can be too cramped to comfortably move around.  Taking proper measurements of the room and the furniture to be included in the room, as well as the placement of windows and closets, will be a good way to determine if a king mattress can go into the space.  Another important factor to consider is the architecture of the home itself.  Some homes have narrow hallways or winding staircases that make moving large objects in and out difficult.

Finally, it is important to realize that larger mattresses will weigh more.  As many purchasers are now choosing a memory foam mattress, this also adds additional weight because the materials used in its construction are of a denser nature.  Though this additional weight pays off in space, support, and comfort for the sleeper, knowing how the mattress will get home and into the bedroom becomes important.  Whether picking up the bed at a store or having it delivered, having plans for strong help to get the mattress situated into the bedroom will make the experience more pleasant for the purchaser.

Whether a memory foam mattress or an innerspring, the decision to move up to a king mattress can be a comfortable choice for a sleeper who would like a little more space.  Keeping these considerations in mind will help the purchaser make a decision they will be happy with for years to come.

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