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A Handy Device: The Alarm Clock

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 29   |   Comments: 0

We all know that time is gold, a saying that is over rated but true. Every day we have to fit ourselves into other people's schedules. Then we have to go to school for a particular time. Things don't get even better after we finish college and we have to work for a living. In reality life becomes a series of time. When we talk about time there is only one device which is associated with time and that is a clock. This discussion is not the clock in general but this about the alarm clock which drives you nuts in the morning when it goes off.

This mechanical device was invented dated back 15th century- Europe. Nowadays, many people wouldn't forget important appointments. It is designed to make a loud sound at a specific time. It is used to awaken us from our deepest sleep, short naps and even reminders as well. You can actually set a particular sound or tone for your alarm clock.

Now, modern alarm clocks has features like radio alarm function this will allow you to be awaken to music or even news radio instead of the regular beeping or buzzing sound. It also had a snooze button, which is a large button on top that stops the alarm and sets it to ring again at a short time, making sure that you do not go back to sleep.

Let's face the fact that it is difficult to run our lives without an alarm clock. This small mechanical or digital device which is usually sitting on a table right next to your bed had been around for more than two centuries helping people to get up and attend to their business. Since necessity is the mother of invention, alarm clocks are now incorporated on wristwatches, cellular phones, computers and even television sets.

The challenge now is to pick the right alarm clock according to your needs. There are different types and kinds of alarm clocks that are being sold on the market from mechanical to digital. There are also alarm clocks which is hip and trendy for our teens.

To sum it up, alarm clock are essential as roof and floor in our home because simply your need to be on time.

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