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A Guide to Setting a Formal Dinner Table

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 90   |   Comments: 0

If it is the first time that you are hosting a formal dinner, it is natural to be a little nervous about it so read the following guide to help you start preparing.

The most important preparation in a business dinner invitation is the table, since even before the food arrives the table has played its part in setting first impressions! These are some things you cannot afford to overlook:

  • Table Linen must be plain without any motifs. It should ideally be white although if the occasion requires color; use very subtle ones like soft beige or peach. The cloth should be crisp and ironed without a single crease. The length of the table cloth is very important and you should keep in mind the height and size of the table while ordering for it as it should remain at least 1 to 11/2 feet above the ground.
  • Serviettes or Napkins are placed in different styles; either folded and placed on the dinner plate or on the table to the left of the salad fork. You can even roll them neatly into a napkin holder. Choose the color of the napkin keeping in mind the china you will be using.
  • Now the dinner plates should be placed at equal intervals and at least one or two inches away from the edge of the table.
  • Next place the cutleries keeping in mind the normally applied rule of using the outermost piece being used first. The knives on the right and forks on the left; the teaspoon is placed on the right of the inner knife followed by the soup spoon. Place the desert spoon on top of the plate.
  • The bread plate is kept above the forks.
  • Now the glasses are placed to the left and above the plate. The first glass near to the plate is the water glass then the red wine glass followed by white wine and the champagne glass.

Now you see how easy it is to have the perfectly laid business dinner table if you just keep some simple rules in mind.

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