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A Few Small Additions to Home Lighting

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 102   |   Comments: 0

With a few updates to home lighting, a house can be brighter and drastically more enjoyable. Once the pendant or main light fixtures, decorative lamps or fixtures have been added, there are just a few more details that can make the difference between decent home lighting and a really enjoyable space. Seriously consider these little suggestions. They are inexpensive and can truly make a huge difference.
Dimmer switches are an amazing concept for any room. Though many people do not seem to understand the purpose of adjustable lighting, once they have tried it, they will never go back. Being able to easily adjust the level of light in a room immediately makes any room far more versatile for activities of any kind and simple relaxation. Bathrooms gain a soothing atmosphere for relaxing in the tub and nice bright lighting for getting ready in the mornings. Suppose there are guests over to watch a movie, without having to make the TV room completely dark (which often makes it difficult for guests to find their way around), a simple dimming feature will provide the light needed to move around the room while still reducing any glair on the screen. Bedrooms can become more romantic, and porch areas can be subtly lit to enjoy a view of the surrounding area. All of these things are possibilities when dimmer switches are installed, and they are really not expensive considering the benefit, so why not go to the trouble of installing them?
Fixing dark spots in a house is another project that improves the atmosphere of rooms and work areas. Light strips installed in kitchens, desk areas, workrooms and any other productive area shine on the area needed for a particular job and can then be turned off when the job is finished. Rather than waste the energy of the room light to perform a task, lighting strips will provide all of the necessary light without affecting the rest of the room. Dark corners in bedrooms, living rooms, and anywhere else in the house can be repaired by strategically placing "can-up" lights. These are most often used in corner plant arrangements or on top of trunks or small tables, but these upward pointing lights can be placed in any aesthetic, as long as they produce light for the dark corner. Wherever the fixture is placed, it should be hidden or difficult to see. This is not a display fixture like a table lamp, and it should be enjoyed for its additional textured lighting only.
These simple solutions will improve any home lighting design by creating a space that is well lit and versatile. Of course, the choice of main lighting and lamp fixtures is also vital in the equation, but these little additions will greatly improve the affects of the lighting already chosen.

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