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A Few Home Truths About Anti Aging Skin Care

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 27   |   Comments: 0

You know if you followed a diet rich in fruit and vegetables all your life, you would probably never need anti aging skin care. Why? Because these foods are full of antioxidants and they are the best way you can fight off aging.

So, they are really a magic formula for a healthy body all round and you are going to live for a long time. Your chances of getting cancer, or dementia or a heart attack are just going to be so low, you can go on living for ever. I am exaggerating a little bit here, but not too much!

But people want to look great and feel good so they are looking for that extra little help in anti aging skin care and why not? We cannot avoid the sun, so solar exposure is damaging and so are stress, illness and even some of the common pollutants in the air we breathe. So, unless we want to stay in a tent, we will have to fight off the effects of aging, no matter how many vegetables we eat.

You know, I got the recipe the other day in my inbox about a home made remedy for anti aging skin care. It is actually a facial scrub to help dry skin. You just need half a jar of cold cream, 2 tablespoons of slivered almonds and one tablespoon of honey.

You have to first put the almonds in a blender and then mix in the cold cream and the honey. Apply that to your face for a few minutes, using a circular motion and then you can rinse it off.

I have nothing against home remedies for antiaging skin cream but why not consider a few home truths about what you put on your face or even your body, for that matter.

But wouldn't you prefer a bit more science and research before you spread some natural ingredients on your skin? Actually, I have dedicated a whole website to this New Zealand company quite simply because I know that they have uncompromising high quality standards in the selection and manufacture of the ingredients in their anti aging skin care products.

I know for example that they are about to be audited for GMP under FDA rules. They actually are overdelivering on the US FDA rules. Why not find out more about their antiaging skin cream which is also 100% guaranteed and will be shipped anywhere in the world free of charge for orders over a certain amount.

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