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A Few Facts About Platform Beds

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 57   |   Comments: 0

Knowing a few facts about platform beds is in order, especially when considering going out and purchasing one of these very nice beds. They have a generally long and distinguished history, though they weren't always known as the kind of bed they're called today. Back then, they were better known as "loft beds, " and they filled a very specific role in the household.

In those days, a typical loft bed was situated high off the ground in order to give more living space to the room below the bed. In the days when a commoner or a person of limited means could only afford a very small living space, having a bed that could be elevated some distance up off the ground came in very handy. Gradually, they were lowered down almost to the ground to where they are today.

Today, these beds are made using a number of different materials, though it's still the case that metal and wood are the most common two types of bed material. Because they feature a platform, it's possible for their owner to skip or avoid having to purchase a box spring to go along with the mattress that will sit on top of the platform. It's not that a box spring won't work, but only that it's really not needed.

There are a number of different varieties and styles of this kind of bed, with most today being made in what's called a contemporary style. They generally come in a very nice line with solid colors or neutral elements that make it possible for them to fit well in many different environments. They also can come with headboards and footboards as a part of their overall package.

In general, expect that there won't be a footboard offered at a certain price point, though one will probably be able to be added for just a bit more money. Beds made in this fashion also come in a number of traditional styles, including mission and Arts and Crafts-era designs. It's more a matter of personal choice or taste, because there's probably a bed out there for everyone.

Nowadays, most good furniture stores will offer several different styles of this kind of bed and priced at a number of different levels. There are retro-looking beds and there are some that might fit in well on the set of Star Wars. Also, prices can vary greatly, running from about $250 all away up to $1500 for something of very nice construction and with other pieces of furniture.

Platform beds have enjoyed steady popularity for years, which is due in part to the fact that a person can purchase one of these beds and never have to purchase a box spring, being as the mattress can sit directly on top of the platform. They also look very sleek and stylish no matter their particular era or the materials they are made from.

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