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A Device That Creates Pure Drinking Water From Thin Air

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 48   |   Comments: 0

An unlimited supply of pure drinking water is one of the basic necessities of life. Even in ancient times, people have tried to purify water using various water treatment methods. Most of these water purification systems substantially improved the taste of water. However, it was only around the early 19th century, that scientists discovered the presence of disease causing microbes in water and realized that water was the primary cause of the common epidemics of those times. Since then, numerous water purification systems have seen the light of day, such as: reverse osmosis, distillation and UV water filtration. The current flood of research and media attention shows, however, that there is a growing uneasiness about the traces of harmful toxins found in drinking water, especially bottled water that has been purified using these methods.

Industrial growth has come at a price that might be hard to pay. We have dumped immeasurable quantities of toxic wastes into our sources of potable water over the years. The toxic industrial wastes, pesticides from the agricultural fields and sewage have not only polluted the surface water but also seeped through to the ground water level to a limit from which there is no coming back. Even the developed countries use minerals like chlorine and fluoride, two carcinogenic minerals, for water treatment purposes. The lead used in plumbing systems pollutes drinking water supplies. At this rate, surface water will not remain fit for any use, leave alone drinking.

This pitiable condition of surface water has forced scientists to turn towards atmospheric water for a feasible and cost effective solution. Finally, we have a technology that can actually create water from air. This technology uses atmospheric moisture to create pure drinking water. All that needs to be done is to connect the unit to a power supply, and that's it - it does the rest. This is also a commercially practical option since a home water purification system that uses this technology capable of producing 1 gallon of 99.99% pure drinking water at a cost of half a dollar.

The office appliances solely built for commercial use can create up to 12 gallons of pure drinking water a day. Atmospheric water Systems, Inc., for example, has come up with a device that uses a four stage water filtration system that can create water from air that is up to 99.99% pure.

The system uses a patented system that maintains a zero bacteria count, round the clock. The microorganisms are removed from the incoming air with the help of a built in "Antibiotic Air-Filtration System". The UV water filtration system further purifies the water in order to produce the best quality drinking water. The water dispenser provides both hot and cold water on demand. It has a special child proof hot water safety guard tap.

At times like this, when global warming is a major concern, a water purification system such as this is a welcome development. It uses minimal energy and helps us avoid plastic that is extensively used in the case of bottled water. Choose these atmospheric water filtration units to reduce your carbon footprints.

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