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A Decorating Tip: Try it

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 85   |   Comments: 0

We have all heard it said in one form or another, there is no such thing as to try. You either do it or not. Well, not so, in the decorating arena. You may have a plan to decorate a niche, room or perhaps your whole house. A really good plan. Somehow, the best laid plans turn out to be a disappointment. Or not.

So anyway, you have obtained color swatches of paint, fabric, tile, countertops and whatever. At home, there you are, plotting, thinking and determined to make your decorating plan work. Hmmm. Should have gone with a lighter blue.

Now hold on. All is not lost. Remember the fact that you are your own worst critic. So what if it is a slightly darker blue. Give it a try. Nobody is going to know your original plan except you. And chances are, it will be just fine. There is also the next part of your plan that will make your colors and design work in harmony.

Accents. Every decorator knows that to pull the color pallets together in a space, the accents you add will work every time. Throw pillows on the sofa, art deco on the walls, furniture covers, knick knacks, candles and candleholders, plants and vases and even the tone of wood color in the furniture, cupboards or woodwork, can all play a part in bringing the colors together in your decorated space. Wow.

While getting to the point of this article, I will use the example of a kitchen that has just been painted. Visualize any three colors in your mind, perhaps your three favorite colors that compliment each other. One color is on the walls of the kitchen, the other on the cupboards and the last or third color on the backsplash behind the countertop. The countertop could even be considered a fourth color.

Now, step back and observe the kitchen as a whole space, bring in a color accent and place it on the counter. Try it. It should work in pulling the space together or compliment the colors. Maybe not. Try another accent color.

Professional decorators have often considered the color black to do this experiment. Whatever it is about the color, it seems to work more often than not. Personally, I cannot tell you why this works, but perhaps it is the boldness of the item that helps define the space.

For instance on a kitchen countertop, a wrought iron paper towel holder, napkin holder or a plate holder would work very well. As a matter of fact, black wrought iron fits in with practically any design scheme. Try it. This bold, beautiful color, when used in moderation and cleverly arranged will create the impact you are looking for.

You have perhaps seen the decorating programs on television, where they pick the room colors, or design theme from an item such as a pillow or picture. This is a very safe way to go and it works practically every time. Try it.

Still, even using a creative procedure as this, wrought iron can still have a place in the space. The biggest benefits of wrought iron decorative accessories are the versatility and longevity of it. It will last a lifetime.

Wherever you are led in your decorating, remember you are your own worst critic. Trust your judgment and all will turn out in your newly designed space. Try it and enjoy your endeavors.

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