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A Child's Room Décor

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 73   |   Comments: 0

When your child has their own room, or even if they have to share a room with a sibling, it is important to make them feel comfortable in that space. After all, with playing and sleeping in the room, it may very well be where your child spends quite a bit of their time.

There are a few key points to consider and remember when setting out to decorate your child's room:

* Reflection of self-think about how you like your room (or even whole house) to look: you like for it to be a reflection of who you are. Even if your child's taste differs from yours entirely, it is important to allow it to reflect your child rather than you. Your child may want their room to contain two colors that you feel could never mesh well together, but it's likely that the parent won't have to see them very often and the child will have to on a regular basis.

This also means that you might want to think about letting your child select the theme of comforters and other blankets, etc. If you will be picking them, you will want to pick something that you know your child likes, such as sports, a cartoon character, etc.

* Kid-Friendly-while you want your child's room to look nice, you won't want it to be uncomfortable for them. This means that, even if you like an pricey lamp and would love to see it setting on your child's desk in their room they may not feel comfortable having to be careful all the time for fear of breaking it. Instead, remember that your child should be able to be comfortable and relax in their own room since it is where they will spend a great amount of their time. Kids often get very rowdy, especially when they have friends in their room with them, so the room should be as kid-friendly as possible (the younger they are, the more factual this is).

* Ease-this is one thing that many parents don't think about when decorating their child's room, but it is an important part of it. You may think a book shelf would look really good in a certain place on the wall, but it may be too high for your child to reach. The simple solution to overlooking this little detail is to try to keep in mind how easy something will be for your child to reach. If it is a poster or picture on the wall, this will obviously be of no concern, but if it is something that your child will need access to, you should try to keep it as within reach as possible. This can prevent accidents from happening, as well, because you eliminate the need for your child to stand on something to reach up high.

* Simplicity-since many children loathe to clean their rooms, it is a good idea to start simple in the first place so that there is less for them to do. You won't want to have a lot of ceramic figures setting around, because this means that your child will have to dust them. Since this is the case, you should give your child the option of whether or not they want these types of things. Tell them that if they have a certain item or items, they will be responsible for dusting, and if they don't want to dust it is best to avoid them.

* Organization-this is an excellent way to help your child keep their room clean even though they may hate to do it. By having enough shelves, dressers, etc. as necessary, you are making room cleaning a lot simpler. It may also help to have a toy box that your child loves. You may want to consider having a small child clothes hamper for your child's room. These can be found in almost any theme, and can help keep clothes off the floor on a regular basis. A small trashcan that goes with the theme is also something worth considering. Since they will like that it matches their room, they might be more apt to use

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