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A Bridge to Imagination

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 28   |   Comments: 0

Its said imagination is one of the most unique tools that a man possesses and which makes him different  from those ancestors who stayed long back and whose evolution given him the birth. Imagination gives us the wings to fly and breeze to feel and without it, life is a mere hollow object which has existence but no matter within.

But ask yourself when you imagined anything that made you chuckle and tension free? This question came to my mind when I saw the movie "Bridge to Terabithia". And then I realized that it was ages back when I imagined something very powerful and creative.

In our childhood, each one of us have a beautiful fiction world which starts degrading as we grow and our lovely castles of love transform in to the ugly black caves of worries in which our smiles start sinking and soon those caves become so predominant that we forget that once our mind and heart were an abode of wonderful kingdom. All we have to do is to find the remains of it underneath the black caves.

But the bridge to that imaginative world is not easy to build again but we have to remember that it's the darkest before the dawn so we have to try. It's true that with age our imaginations are no longer the element of that childhood immaturity which was there when we were tiny tots but still they will have the same purpose, making us happy and taking us for a while away from our daily unavoidable struggles and problems.

That imaginative world should be so gentle that one can feel the fragrance of not just flowers but soil , it should be so pure that one can touch not just the river but the first drop of the rain and it should be so influencing the when one moves out of it , he can still be fresh and awake. It should be a place of peace and love where each of us is the prince and the princess. I know many of you will take it as a kid's play but trust me, all of us have a small child in our hearts and we just need a little imagination to make that child awake again.

So keep smiling and start exploring that imaginative world from this very moment€¦..

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