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7 Tips to Prevent Adult Acne

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 6   |   Comments: 0

Most people have the mindset that acne is cause by dirt alone and so an individual with so much adult acne breakouts must be a person with poor hygiene. In case you didn't know, acne is not caused by dirt! Acne is caused by factors that are beyond your control. Factors like your hormonal imbalance and the pace of your skin's renewal system. Luckily for you there are a few things you can do to keep your acne pimples under control. Just follow these 7 tips for healthy-skin hygiene.

Tip #1: Since we know that adult acne is not caused by dirt, there is no need to over wash your skin. Extreme washing and scrubbing would not make your acne disappear; there is no point over-washing or over-scrubbing. You should only wash your skin twice a day, anything above that would leave your skin dry. Excessive washing of your skin may stimulate extra oil production and lead to more acne breakouts.

Tip #2: Avoid harsh scrubbing! You can exfoliate, but only use a gentle formula with smooth and small grains. Also some certain products containing apricot or almond shell fragments can irritate your skin. This could increase your acne breakouts or leave you with scars.

Tip #3: Avoid products containing alcohol. Contrary to what you must have heard concerning alcohol and adult acne, products containing alcohol removes the top layer of your skin. This causes your skin to produce more oil. And this results in a dry, red skin which leads to more acne pimples. Avoid products with a high concentration of isopropyl alcohol and also avoid rubbing alcohol on your skin.

Tip #4: If you have itchy hands, keep them in your pocket! DO NOT squeeze or pick your acne pimples with your hands, fingernails, pins or anything at all. Doing this would only push the acne causing bacteria farther into your skin. And this would only result in more adult acne breakouts, inflammations and infection. Also squeezing or picking your acne pimples would damage the surrounding skin and you would be left with a permanent ugly scar!

Tip #5: Asides squeezing and picking your "zits", you should still keep your hands off your face. Acne causing bacteria resides on the surface of your skin; it does not cause acne breakouts except it gets locked inside your hair pores. Therefore touching and rubbing your face excessively would only drive these bacteria deep inside your hair follicle where they would start doing their dirty work!

Tip #6: Whenever you finish your exercise workouts, wash off immediately. Exercising releases heat from your skin and there is friction between your skin and your clothing or equipment. When you shower you remove heat and moisture that are trapped against your skin. This prevents the spread of acne causing bacteria on your skin. If you can't shower immediately, make sure you use a dry, clean towel to remove sweat off your skin.

Tip #7: Since acne is also cause by internal factors like hormones, you should find a product that can tackle your acne problem from both the outside and the inside. An acne treatment that combats your acne problem from the inside and the outside is your best bet in erasing acne from your skin totally.

Following these tips alongside using a quality product is sure to totally wipe acne pimples off your skin. To find a listing of quality adult acne treatment products visit.

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