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7 Tips on Dating a Russian Woman

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 113   |   Comments: 0

You know today we can be the witnesses of global phenomenon of international marriages. Today it has become quite popular to get acquainted with a foreign man, build romantic relations with him and get married to him. There are even a great number of sites where you can see not only the photo of your future second half but you have an excellent opportunity to communicate with him or her. But due to some cultural and personal differences, sometimes it becomes difficult to avoid misunderstanding and pitfalls. This article will help you to solve some problems that you may face with during communication with a Russian girl. Hopefully, you'll find it useful.

1. Is there a real difference between Russian women and women of other nations or is it just a myth? - Of course there is a difference. And we can't do anything with it as it is historical development and it influences the typical traits of people. The FSU women really posses some traits that are peculiar only for them - the most significant are that they care very much about how they look and that usually career is less important for them than home and family. 2. If I am a foreigner and wish to get acquainted with a Russian woman - how can I attract her attention? - At first Slavic women love with their eyes and they will notice you if you look neat and well-attended. They hate dirty shoes and undone hair. They won't understand if the shoes cost $1000 or $10, but they will certainly notice if they are not polished. 3. What traits can interest such a woman? - Russian women like when they have a strong shoulder next to them, they get used to trust and rely on their soul mate. So if you are self-confident, serious and brave man you will conquer their hearts. They like when you are brave in presence of other men but tender and kind with her. And of course their hearts are full of romance. 4. Speaking of romance how can a man surprise a Russian woman? - You see Russian ladies really like romance but unfortunately they get it too little from Russian men but every woman has a romantic fantasy deep in her heart. In most cases it is the romantic dinner with candles, champagne or wine and words of love. And in most cases it's done by themselves. So, to impress a Russian soul mate is not hard - flowers all of a sudden, housekeeping €œday-off for her or at least a dinner out without any reason, €œjust because - you don't need much to make her happy. 5. What do they like to receive as presents? - Differing from other woman Russian women don't need far islands or diamonds, it will be pleasant for her to get a bouquet of roses or even chamomiles on the date of your first meeting, or a modest ring on your engagement. They like surprises and in most cases they value not the real cost of the present but the attention. 6. What are the most typical mistakes in dating Russian woman?
- At first I wish to mention that He is to buy flowers at their first meeting, it is a rule and the girl will be grieved if he doesn't do it. Of course he shouldn't forget about these signs of attention further but the first meeting is the half of the thing. A Russian woman likes when her companion is interesting and humorous, they can't bear boring men. Russian women aren't afraid to be humorous and to smile. They like when somebody makes her laugh but won't forgive you if you make fun of her. 7. What should a foreigner do dating with a Russian woman? - You will conquer her heart if you make your meeting unforgivable for her. She will fall in love with you if you turn a simple evening in a fairy tale where she can feel like a princess. And again you shouldn't think that only money will do everything instead of you, she will value you but not your money. Russian Brides

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