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7 Secrets To Getting High Quality Used CardBoard Boxes FREE!!

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 84   |   Comments: 0

How To Get Quality Used Cardboard  Boxes For Your Storage Needs FREE!

So you're in the business of organizing and storing your valuables, and of course,  you need used cardboard boxes. This article is going to give you some tips on getting used cardboard boxes for free and where to go if you have to buy them.

Years ago, it was a lot easier to get used cardboard boxes. Your local grocery store was only happy to get rid of their empty used cardboard boxes. Anyone could just call up the store manager and request them. Now, that's changed in many places. Many companies are going "green", which means they are sending their cardboard boxes to recyclers in China.

At first thought, this may seem like a really great idea. After all, isn't recycling all about saving the environment and saving the planet? Sure it is, but let's take it a step beyond recycling. What good is recycling, when there is still waste of resources involved in the recycling process? The point is, that many used cardboard boxes that are being sent to the recyclers are perfect for you or someone else needing to use them for storage, shipping or moving.

So, we're in a dilemma. Many cities are sending their cardboard boxes to recyclers, instead of re-using them. So how can you get them for free?

  1. Try Home Depot/Sears/Best Buy/etc. - Most likely  you'll discover that they send them to recyclers, but some areas do make exceptions.  What you do is call up the store and tell them that you are looking for refrigerator boxes and that that you were told that there is a local delivery company that does. What you want is to get the name of the delivery company and their phone number. Make sure that you get someone like a manager or a full-time employee who will give the contact information for local delivery companies, not national franchises like GE. The delivery contractors usually are only happy to give you their boxes.
  2. Visit your small and local delivery service companies. These are "mom and pop" businesses.
  3. Family owned appliance stores - These are usually the best places to get boxes, especially used cardboard boxes that are large enough to store enough of  your items. Refrigerator boxes are the largest, but not all boxes have to be the same size, and you may not want all boxes to be that big. There are dryer boxes, washer boxes, and even smaller ones available.
  4. Bicycle Shops - again, the locally owned bicycle shops tend to be the best.
  5. Building contractors - they would definitely know where to direct you to free used cardboard boxes.
  6. Cabinet dealers - once again, great source of FREE cardboard boxes.
  7. Furniture stores - they tend to have larger boxes available.

Hopefully, this list will help you on your search for free used cardboard boxes, but as stated in the first half of this article, it can be difficult in some cities and regions to get them for free. If you have exhausted all your options, have no worries. You don't have to purchase the cardboard boxes brand new. Why buy new,  when you're only going to be using them once, right? That's why we've created www.UsedCardBoardBoxes.com. What we do is we sell high quality, low cost moving kits for anyone who is in the market for used cardboard boxes. Best of all, a portion of the proceeds goes to charity, so that we can save more trees. Give us a call today at 1 888 BOXES 88 and let's talk about your used cardboard box needs!

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