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7 Great Tips to Help you Stop Snoring

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 15   |   Comments: 0

* Your sleeping position may be a factor in whether you snore or not. It seems that sleeping on the back makes you more prone to snoring, so adjusting your sleeping position onto your side or on your tummy may stop the snoring.

* Smokers are more likely to snore because the chemicals in cigarettes and cigars irritate the tissue in the throat that then hampers the airflow through the throat and causes breathing difficulty, thus resulting in snoring. So for a better night's sleep and also for better health, it is a good idea to stop smoking.

* Alcohol can also cause snoring because when you drink, your body becomes more relaxed, including the muscles of the throat. Cutting out alcohol or drinking less especially in the evenings should help alleviate the snoring.

* Eating right before your bedtime can result in the food just sitting in your stomach not fully digested, and that can also add pressure to your diaphragm resulting in snoring. It helps to adjust your meal to an earlier time so that your stomach has enough time to digest the food, allowing you to have a better quality sleep without any snoring.

* Milk may cause a build up of mucous in the body, which may become lodged in the throat and nasal passages. Mucous causes a narrowing of the passage that makes breathing more difficult, thus the snoring. To stop snoring, try cutting out or drinking less milk.

* Certain research suggests that honey helps in clearing the airways in the body and can therefore help stop snoring. Try having a cup of warm tea with honey or apple dipped in honey to remedy your snoring problem.

So if you suffer from snoring, it may be worthwhile to carefully study your habits and diet to identify what is causing the snoring problem. Simply making changes in your lifestyle or diet can help stop your snoring completely and that could mean a long and peaceful sleep for you and everyone involved.

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