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6 Tips Caring Leather Bags to Always New Looks

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 16   |   Comments: 0

Leather bag is a special collection. But if you do not take care of him properly, leather bags will not look special anymore, not infrequently white spots due to the bag is stored in a humid place for long time. Do not be afraid for you who want to take care of your favorite leather bag to keep it looking new.

6 tips for caring for leather bag always looks new:

1. Sun

Avoid direct contact with sunlight for a long time. This is because exposure to sunlight can damage the surface of the skin bag, for example broken - broken or looks like a crack.

2. Avoid water

If the bag was already wet, immediately dry it with a dry cloth and soft textured.

3. Save

When not in use, store the bag in a storage bag (dust bag). If kept long enough, the occasional bag can be issued.

4. Leather vs. Plastic

Do not store leather bag attached to or close to a bag of plastic material. Plastic bags can absorb dyes color the skin. As a result, may appear stains on the bag that looks like a mushroom taxable.

5. Prevent mildew

If the bag is stored in the closet, use anti-moist products such as camphor or silica gel which can be purchased at pharmacies. Put it in the bag so as not moldy.

6. Already moldy

Mushrooms can be removed by scrubbing with a soft textured cloth. If there were white patches on the inside of the bag, wipe with a soft brush and then rub with a dry cloth. You can use special soap or skin cleanser cream specifically for skin; they can be obtained at the supermarket. To be shiny, rub with soft cloth.

These are 6 easy tips for caring for leather bag always looks new. I Hope these will useful. If you are interested in the leather bag, please visit black leather briefcase site, which review about brown leather briefcase and ladies leather briefcase.

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