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6 Powerful Tips for Top Affiliate Sales

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 13   |   Comments: 0

Can you believe some of these screenshots that show how much money some people are making online?  Not all of those screenshots are real but that doesn't mean there aren't people making some really serious income online.  In this article I will share with you 6 powerful tips for top affiliate sales.

So what exactly are the top affiliates doing in order to bring in the majority of their sales?

1.  Own domain name:
One of the first things they do after choosing a product to promote is to purchase their own domain name.  Promoting an affiliate link is saying to the world, I'm not serious about my business.  I can't even afford $10 a year.  You can always cloak your link but it's just best to purchase your own unique domain name.

2.  Write content/articles:
Your goal is to become an expert in your chosen niche.  In order to accomplish this task you need to write content and/or articles.  The best feeling in the world is when other website owners publish your content on their site or you watch the traffic pour in from your articles.  This is how your reputation builds as well as links back to your site.

3.  Website:
Having your own website, blog, review page or squeeze page that introduces your prospect to what you have to offer is important.  This is where you pre-sell the product in order to get increased sales for your whatever you are offering.

4.  Build a list:
It's crucial that you start building your own list for the sole purpose of promoting other products to that list in the future.  Most all successful affiliate marketers will tell you that they make the majority of their income from their list.  They have built a relationship with their list, they trust you therefore they will continue to purchase what you recommend.

5.  Autoresponder:
In order to get your prospects to opt-in to your list, you need to give them something of value for free.  Perhaps it's a report, eBook or even a video series.  Once they are on your list, you can preload autoresponder messages to send to your list at designated times.  This is how you share with your list other products you believe might be beneficial for them.

6.  Advertise:
Free methods of getting traffic to your site are wonderful but most successful marketers pay for advertising.  That is the best way to guarantee that the people who are seeing your information are already interested in what you have to offer.

I hope these 6 powerful tips for top affiliate sales have been helpful.  If you take the time and implement these techniques into your own affiliate marketing business, you can start seeing some of the same results.  From there, create your own product and show everyone how you did it.  Next thing you know, we will be promoting products for you.

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