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500 Megapixels Green Vanguard-Sonyericsson J10

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 76   |   Comments: 0

In the mobile phone market, now there are various mobiles such as the TV mobile phone, watch mobile phone available. The new style mobiles are pushed out by different companies and manufactures constantly. Today let's take a look at the SonyEricsson J10. Maybe it's not in the line of the hi-end mobile phones, but it's absolute a practical phone.

SonyEricsson has started to favor the streamline design since the coming of the U1. And the J10 still follows the idea. The straight board phone with the streamline design looks very stylish. There are black, pink and red available for your choice. The pink one is very suitable for ladies.

As a green mobile phone, J10 is made of 50% recyclable plastic materials and it's waterproof. The e-manual is designed to save paper. They even try to low the power-consuming by applying the water-soluble paint and the energy-saving charger. The "green heart" green idea is fully expressed.

The appearance details
The transverse striation design on the back prevents the mobile phone from sliding effectively and thoughtfully. The engineering plastic back case is not light and you will not feel fleecy in your hand. There is a separate speaker in the downside of the mobile which offers you loud voice.

500megpixels camera
The camera supports the LED fill light. You can expect a lot about the picture-taking. The mobile phone is a green choice for users while it assures the performance and amusement at the same time. It provides the quality sound for consumers as it supports the denoise and high-definition audio. The users can gain plentiful social experience through the social applicable software.

Active desktop
The mobile supports the active images to be desktop. You can choose the menu style as to your taste. You will feel nice about it.

Carbon footprint calculator
The pedometer can work out the decrement of the carbon dioxide emission according to the steps when the users choose to walk instead of taking a bus. This is also a promotion of the environmental consciousness.

Simple SMS function
The bubble SMS mode looks very beautiful. You can read all the messages of the same number. It's not only convenient for users to check the recording, but brings freshness compared with the traditional SMS interface.

Multimedia function
The mobile supports the JAVA well and it also supports the GSM, GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA, HSDPA and A-GPS.

The standby time
The mobile comes with the 1000 mA battery. The battery can be charged well for 3 hours. Though lasting calls, playing games, listening to the music and surfing the internet constantly, it can work about one and half an hour. I think it's satisfactory.

As the green mobile phone, the J10 features with the 500 MP camera, 3.5G/Wi-Fi, 2.4 inch screen, association shortcut and Google internet access. The curve design and keyboard makes it more suitable for users' operation.

Except that, the SonyEricsson comes with the built-in administration application program. It's excellent both in the functions and recreations. It makes you enjoy better communication as it features with the denoise, clear voice and smart volume control system.

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