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50+ uses for your Rowenta steam iron or any steam iron

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 89   |   Comments: 0

50+ house hold uses and crafts for you Rowenta steam iron

Yes, sir. Without a doubt, your trusty steam iron is a veritable cornucopia of ingenuity when it comes to household uses. It's not just for ironing laundry anymore. There are practical and not so practical tasks that steam irons are more than capable of executing and still uphold its primary duty of flattening out wrinkles. Take a gander at 50+ uses for The Rowenta and any other steam iron.

Soften leather goods, ease arthritis and muscle pain, facial, loosen screws from wood without splitting it, clean bathroom grout, clean soap scum, loosen mineral deposits from faucet tap, decode secret messages, deodorize mattresses,

de-slobber pillows, help dust allergies, clean paint off surfaces, sanitize money, sanitize jewelry, loosen shoes, deodorize car upholstery, de-ice door locks, loosen sticky jars, get rid of ants on countertops, clean stove top, soften wood for crafts.

Deodorize suits, revitalize bread, pies and cake crusts, revitalize pens and highlighters, soften wind instruments reeds, iron your hair, revitalize rubber seals, sanitize cell phone skins, quick water color painting fixer, sanitize combs and brushes, get candles out of their holders without breaking either, use as a fragrance diffuser, remove decals, sanitize tooth brushes, clean potty training accidents, soften and reshape plastics, loosen hinges for lubrication, kill hiding pests, expand metals to make them fit, loosen pop sickle molds, separate washed money, give wood and metal an aged finish,

open up wood pores for staining or treatments, sanitize toys, humidify plants, remove brittle paint easier, revamp paint brushes, save/protect old brittle documents, sanitize electric curler heads, soften play-dough, and use as a humidifier. In the early days, other than ironing laundry garments, the only excitement the iron enjoyed was applying a iron on transfer sticker. Now, the options are endless. This only scratches the surface. How many more creative ways can you come up for the ever faithful steam iron. Who knew that the lowly steam iron would be considered a jack of all trades ultimate green machine. With Rowenta being the premier maker of luxury steam irons, it's no wonder it makes you reach to see what else is under the hood of this masterpiece of European precision.

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