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5 Ways to Promote Your Residual Income Opportunity

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 16   |   Comments: 0

One thing that makes a residual income opportunity more valuable is your ability to share with other people. If you have a product or program that you believe in then you need to get that word out in his many ways as possible. In this article we want to talk about five ways to promote a residual income opportunity using the Internet.

1. Get your own personal website and drive traffic to it. Many products are programs such as network marketing or affiliate marketing provide you with a website you can promote. This is okay, but it's also referred to as a replicated website because everyone gets the same thing.

A better strategy is to create your own personal website and promote your residual income opportunity on it. In the long run you can utilize things such as search engine optimization and backlinks to drive traffic in ways you could not do with a replicated website.

2. Start a blog and keep adding fresh content. One great way that blogging can help you promote your residual income opportunity is through social bookmarking. Search engines love blogs and social bookmarking helps you promote your blog to the search engines through social directories. Bookmarking also allows you to create traffic from these directories as well.

3. Build your own mailing list. Having a mailing list of your own is an excellent way to promote products on a continual basis. You never know when someone will be interested in something and your residual income opportunity may not appeal to them today, whereas in the future it might. This is where the real benefit of having a mailing list that you can access over and over really pays off.

4. Create a signature file for discussion forums. Discussion forums are an excellent way to promote any product in a passive way. Your signature file is a place where you can create a short classified ad about your residual income opportunity. You can link in your signature file directly back to your website where people can go to learn more about it.

5. Use social media in multiple ways. Social media can be everything from video and audio, to blogging, podcasting, webinars, and many more ways. The key to promoting your residual income opportunity via social media is to get involved in as many ways as possible, so people get to know you and you can build relationships with them.

In summary these are five ways to promote a residual income opportunity that anyone can do with a little bit of hard work and consistency.

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