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5 Ways To Find Out Whether These New ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Programs Are Crap Or Gold

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0

One thing I really like to do is review new products or systems that make people money. Some of the products I am looking at right now are centered around ClickBank. These kind of products are oozing out of the woodwork. If you are thinking about jumping into one of these programs, don't do anything until you have read this article.

First off I can tell you there are some real pieces of crap out there and there are also some gems. Now I can't mention the names of the ones that are crap. For one it is not ethical and secondly I am not giving them a chance to voice their rebuttal to my article. WHAT I WILL DO, is expose those characteristics that all these bad systems have in common. After reading this article you will be able to spot them and stay away from them.

OK, lets get into it...

  1. Never sign up with a website that has you pay to market the websites products. You are paying to work for them. Most jobs that I know are the other way around. If you are doing the work, then you should get the paycheck. It would be similar to you working for a company and you paying them to be an employee. It does not make sense.
  2. Stay away from websites the do not disclose the products you will sell for them. Sure they give the products to sell, but are they in your niche? Will your readers or customers even care to look at your marketing material? The answer is NO. If you are putting product in front of customers that are looking for something totally different, then you will send zero traffic to these products.
  3. Stay far away from those websites that offer to do all the work for you. They provide you the emails, blog post, articles, banners, tweets and on and on and on... Guess what? They are giving the same rehashed crap out to everyone that joins. You end up with worthless material that will drive zero traffic to your squeeze pages.
  4. Watch out for those websites that show you a ClickBank page with $0 sales and then shows you a ClickBank page two weeks later with thousands of dollars in sales. For one, it is impossible to make that kind of money that quickly with ClickBank and secondly the amount of work that needs to be done to drive that kind of traffic and sales cannot be done in that short amount of time. You would need a large staff doing a lot of writing to drive that much traffic and sales to a site. It is not realistic and misleading.
  5. Most of the time these companies like to throw together some really old marketing material and pass it off as new. The system I recently reviewed, had typos and grammar mistakes in all the articles, blogs and emails.

So you may be wondering what is a good product to buy if you are interested in selling ClickBank products. There are a few really good products out there that are made to help you succeed. The owners of these websites have your best interest in check. They are not there to sell you product, they are there to teach you a method. They teach you a method that you can use over and over again. They offer support when you get yourself into a jam. They offer value to their product every step of the way.

These products are not easy to find, because the amount of crap out there floods the internet and usually takes up most of the top positions in Google. One day I hope Google creates code to rank these companies by customer satisfaction. Would it not be great to do a search on Google and find out that a company has a terrible rating. Even better the search engine would present the reason why the company did so poorly.  And would it not be great to also come across a company that stands by its customers and does a great job of following through and delivering what was promised? One day I think we will see something like this, but for now you have my article and a few tips to keep your hard earned money and efforts focused on what can move you forward in life.

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