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5 Tips To Higher E-Bay Clothing Sales!

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 13   |   Comments: 0

If you have decided to sell clothing on Ebay, there are a number of important tips that can help you increase your sales without substantially increasing your inventory costs. Most of these tips have to do with proper garment display and measurements, in order to make YOUR garment & clothing more attractive to an e-bay shopper.


1. Tip #1 Invest in a Garment Form

 A garment form is a display to put your garments on. The difference between a properly displayed garment a a garment displayed on a cheap hanger are astounding. Garment forms are relatively inexpensive, and many e-bay sellers have all types, from plastic one-sided cheaper forms, to full-size mannequins. The difference between a garment displayed on a hangar and a garment on a garment form is remarkable. Garment forms can be purchased for as little as 15 dollars. It's a wise investment, and you will recover the cost of the garment form right away. Trust me on this one.

2. Tip #2 Learns some basic HTML.

A little bit of HTML goes a long way. I won't go into a detailed description here, but e-bay has some great basic HTML guides that can help you may your listings pop a little bit. Sometimes a little pizazz goes a long way to making your listing look a little better than your competitor. But be careful! Don't go overboard! Remember, some people still use regular dial-up, and memory-hogging animated pages or other bothersome additions may really slow down your particular from loading on a buyer's computer. Animated pages drive me crazy! Be cautious when adding these elements to your pages. A balance of nice images with quick page loading is important to please your buyer.

3. Tip #3 Great Pictures Can Sell Mediocre Items, but Mediocre Pictures WON'T sell Great Items.

 It's sad, but true-- invest in a moderately good digital camera with some editing software. Kodak Easyshare is what I use personally, and their software comes bundled with their camera. I spent 99 dollars on it, and it was a great investment. Good pictures can sell your item in a flash, but fuzzy photos or bad pictures can prevent a GREAT item from selling at all. I always cringe when I see jewelry sellers with horrible, fuzzy photos. As a buyer, how can I tell what the item will look like if all I can see is a blurry image?

4. Tip #4 Learn How to Measure Clothing- here is a "quickie" guide to measuring clothing.

  • INSEAM: To measure an inseam, lay the pants or shorts flat. Using measuring tape, measure from just below the crotch to the bottom of the ankle/pant leg. Record the length in inches; this is the inseam.

  •  HIP: to Measure hip measurement on pants, measure just above the crotch of the pants from side to side.

  •  BUST: Measure just below the armpit, from side to side

  •  WAIST: Measure the waist of the garment-- if elastic, stretch to fullest point, but DO NOT OVERSTRETCH TO MEASURE

  •  SLEEVE: To measure sleeve, measure from the seam that actually attaches the sleeve to the garment, to the end of the sleeve.

TIP #5 Watch your FEEDBACK

I cannot stress this enough. Good feedback means good sales, and negative feedback means that buyers will not want to buy from you. Watch your feedback, and consider waiting to give positive feedback until YOU receive positive feedback first. So watch your feedback, and watch your sales grow, too.

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