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5 Steps to Creating the Home of Your Dreams

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 49   |   Comments: 0

Whether your home consists of 2 rooms or 20, your home should make you smile, feel like a big warm hug and be the place for you that you'd rather be than anywhere else! As you go about the process of making your house your home don't be as concerned with "decorating" in the traditional sense as you are with "creating" a home that reflects your sense of style and is pleasing to you. Above all, fill your home with love, joy, peace, compassion and warmth!

Trends come and go so focus on what will work for you and your family. Keep in mind that creating a home is a process that must not be rushed. Creating a home requires time, effort, thought, consideration, and patience. Your home will be ever changing as you grow through life. So€¦.relax and ENJOY the journey!

  1. Surround yourself with the things you love.

    It is better to live with an empty space than to fill it with things you don't love. Take time to go through your home and identify the items you love and the ones you don't. Of the items you don't love, get rid of what you can and begin planning to replace or makeover what you can't get rid of right away. Some items, like a sofa or a bed, may take awhile to replace. What can you do to make them more appealing in the meantime? A slipcover? A coat of paint? There is always a creative solution to make items more "loveable".

  2. Focus on creating spaces that work for you and your family.

    Creating a home that accommodates your unique lifestyle is a priority. Rethink your rooms in terms of the activities that go on in that particular space or the activities you would like to accommodate in that space. Creating spaces for family meals-a table with plenty of chairs, for homework-a desk with adequate lighting and comfortable chair in a quiet area, for quiet time, family game night, may require some rearranging and reassigning of spaces in order to make your home work for you. If there's not a place for "it", "it" will most likely not happen.

  3. Bring in colors and patterns that make you happy.

    Consider how you want to feel in each room-happy, relaxed, energized-and infuse colors and patterns into that space that make you feel that way. I€˜ve included lots of sunny yellow and colorful floral patterns in my homebecause that's what makes me (and my hubby) feel happy, peaceful and energized. The "experts" say to never use yellow in a bedroom because it's an energetic color. I chose yellow for my bedroom because I want to be energized when I wake up. I want to feel like the sun is shining even when it's not. When I go to bed at night I turn the lights off and close my eyes, therefore the yellow walls don't keep me awake. You must do what works for you!

  4. Consider your God given senses.

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