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5 Simple Cures to Stop Blushing and Take Back Your Life

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 9   |   Comments: 0

For most of us, blushing is pretty normal. We all expect to blush whenever we're in an embarrassing situation, eating spicy foods, are afraid or nervous. However, there are people who seem to blush at a drop of a dime. These people just can't seem to stop blushing and are looking for cures for blushing excessively.

People who excessively blush are self conscious and sometimes they have an innate phobia which makes their blushing problem more severe. Often times their fear of blushing makes their blushing worse. Exactly what causes blushing? Blushing is a result of small blood vessels that becomes dilated and inflamed. This process shows up normally in the face and becomes visible through the skin as small red lines. We've all heard or experienced turning red in the face from embarrassment... not a pretty sight.

Below we've listed a few remedies to stop blushing from ruining your day for good!

5 Cures to Stop Blushing:

1. Control your thinking. Yep! What does this mean. What we think about with emotion manifest in our lives. You give blushing the green light when you think, hope and pray that you won't blush and 'guess what' you start to blush.

2. Use visualization techniques. If you know that you will have to perform an activity that normally makes you blush, visualize yourself as cool as the other side of the pillow. So the next time you have to give a talk, or confront a colleague, practice before hand.

3. Avoid or limit your alcohol intake. This definitely plays a vital role with blushing.

4. Watch what you eat. There are types of foods that make you blush; such as spicy foods. Note that every-time you eat these foods, your face turns red.

5. Work on yourself. 99.9 percent of the time, you know exactly what triggers your blushing. For some, it's asking for a date, an oral presentation, and for others, it's a simple confrontation with an employee or a co-worker. The easiest way to combat those situations, is to rehearse. Yes, practice makes permanent, and perfect practice produces predictable results.

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