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5 Mainstream Tend to Home Lighting Design

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 87   |   Comments: 0

It is not difficult to understand household lighting design actually. Building a sweet household atmosphere, household lighting design brand is indispensable, evolving outfit design concept, but with life and furniture lamp gradually.

  1. A simple structure, fine workmanship trend

Nowadays, the family is decorated in the lighting design tide simple structure, and tends to work fine, lively color.

Household design is style of modern, simple structure. The outfit fashionable style of lighting industry, also with the modern style of furniture, walked into more and more Chinese family. The design style of lamps and lanterns is simplified, and pay more attention to the rationality of the design of function, can make full use of the lighting source, and furniture photograph reflect efficiency. The traditional concept of lighting, complicated structure, and colorful, shape bulky, ignore efficiency; fully utilize the basic demand demoted unavoidable.

Lighting style that figure, reflected the evolution of the design concept of the revolution, the home of the simple design style, also accord with energy saving lamp of demand.

2. Beautiful and practical trend of personality

Luxuriant lighting Manager Sun Yunhe thought that the ideal home decoration with lights beautiful, practical, individuation, which stressed self, individuality, and many customers will become the first choice. He said only in office lighting lamp phoenix, the style of reached increasingly rich, the design for consumers and install stylist offers more options. Conversely, the home installs stylist and consumer individual orientation for the development of lighting and update, put forward higher requirement, prompted lighting constantly.

  1. Design for human environmental trends

As a new generation of consumer groups, the mature of increasing consumer culture accomplishment, lighting design also greatly improve the cultural content.

The Niu Zhenwei decorates stylist says, lighting and furniture must be in harmony, can reflect culture of lighting is very popular. People are in pursuit of the household life comfort, humanized design is to satisfy the demand of the solution and with flowery adornment will lose. Whether lighting or furniture, the "people-oriented" concept as the design guiding ideology.

Niu Zhenwei thinks, in contemporary society, along with the people environmental protection consciousness enhancement, environmental protection design and materials to make furniture more and more in the future, the family decoration, with environmental protection function of lighting will also get more and more application, furniture, doors and Windows, electrical appliances, defends, according to the different needs of different lamp used to form a complete set, corresponding to the intelligent configuration, meet the demand of modern life.

4. Light effect trend into the mainstream

On a light bulb lights a room is already past. Extraordinary adornment center, said a senior designer stores Zhang Dianrui domestic interior lighting design has been from the past to the single light only to pursue more gradually transition, the effect of light that stylist changes have been aware of good lighting design on people's life.

In a single source, sitting room and bedroom often times by a lamp, command the overall situation, now has more light design each user, to take care of every kind of lighting situations demand. Main source of environmental lighting can provide uniform illumination is indoor fluorescent lights, shoot the light, can provide lamp etc, key lighting or local lighting, let a space of lighting levels more rich. Reasonable use of light lighting, or can be formed a romantic atmosphere.

5. Natural color trends of the most popular

Beauty Xie Honghua decorates stylist nest, furniture and home outfit are tend to tidal current, lighting, furniture, decoration and match each other, also an important element. The head droplight, tea table, desk lamp, on the bed, have quietly "face-changing", color, material also more colorful, more clear and also shows the modeling of a powerful and unconstrained style originality. On many farms, elegant lighting furnisher peremptory became to attract people to view more than furniture.

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