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5 Best Home Remedies For Acne

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 8   |   Comments: 0

When pimples show up we all want the same thing, to clear acne naturally and fast. So what is a fast way to get our skin free of blemishes and do it in a natural, non-irritating way?

Eat Healthy Foods: Along with these body acne home remedies, you must keep a watch on what you are eating. Fatty foods, sugary foods, spicy foods often aggravate acne infection. Therefore, you must stay away for all such foods. Your diet should include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and lean meat. Good amount of vitamins A, E and C is important for acne control. You should drink 8 glasses of water everyday. Water helps in elimination of toxins from various parts of the body including the skin surface. Thus it weakens the infection that causes growth of acne. It is not just good for treating the acne but helps in acne prevention as well.

Detox proponents say toxic buildup within the body can cause a host of different health problems, including acne. The idea behind detoxing is to help the body rid itself of toxins that have accumulated from processed foods, caffeine, and the like. Believers say the skin will clear as the body is brought into a healthier state.

Oatmeal treatments work well for healing acne, as the oatmeal helps absorb some of the oil on the face. It can also work to exfoliate the skin, removing dead layers of skin and revealing healthy skin underneath. To use oatmeal, simply cook up one serving of oatmeal and mix in a quarter cup of honey. Once the mixture is cool, apply it to the face, avoiding the eyes. The honey in this recipe helps by acting as skin toner.

Since food and diet play an important role in bringing on acne, it is essential that sufferers pay attention to diet. Eating wholesome, healthy, unprocessed foods will help to cleanse the system, prevent toxin build-up and reduce breakouts. According to Prescription for Natural Cures, eating foods rich in beta-carotene will help to maintain and repair the skin. This will include spinach, carrots and other green and yellow or orange vegetables and fruits.

Hormones play a major role in whether you'll suffer from acne. This is why women tend to break out right before or during their periods. However, men can also suffer from hormone-related acne, though this usually subsides by the end of puberty.

As odd as it may seem, oatmeal can absorb unwanted oil and draw out impurities which reside deep in your skin. Cook some plain oatmeal like you would for consumption. Let it cool off, and rub it over your clean skin. Let it sit for a while, like you would a mask, and then rinse off. If you do this on a regular basis, you should begin to start noticing results soon. It may feel funny, but it works!

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