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4 Ways Music Can Benefit Healing and Reduce Pain

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 16   |   Comments: 0

Music has been a bridge connecting people of all religions, races and cultures.  It fosters well-being, gives joy, and researchers have documented the physical and psychological benefits of listening to music.

Music is commonly used in medical therapy to promote wellness, manage stress, alleviate pain, express feelings, enhance memory, improve communication, and promote physical rehabilitation.

Music can also help heal one's spirit by connecting listeners with consciousness€¦a place within the heart where one's contemplative nature is activated.

Healing is how many listeners are describing a new CD, €˜Sacred Love' from Shambhu who crafted his music as an expression of beauty.

"Creating a heartfelt feeling of love was fundamental to composing and performing the music of Sacred Love," said Shambhu. "If people can feel love in music, then this can nurture them into a more productive, healing space."

"Tremendous tenderness and love has gone into the making of this CD," said music reviewer and industry veteran Bette Timm.

D. Brian A. Aberger, D.C., says, "As a health care professional, I would truly recommend this CD to any of my patients or friends that just want to unwind and escape.  It is indeed just what the doctor ordered."

Here are 4 Key Benefits of Healing Music.

The sound of healing music can calm brainwave activity and lift up one's soulful presence. Countless studies prove that music impacts brainwave activity and can have a calming effect. Sacred Love composer and guitarist Shambhu has created music like a meditation€¦the notes are a magic carpet ride into deeper consciousness and personal presence.  "It is open, spacious music with room for personal reflection," adds Shambhu.

Music can engender calmness and lower your blood pressure. A number of studies show that music therapy in medical treatment can reduce pain.  In a 2001 study on burn patients, researchers found that music therapy significantly reduced their excruciating pain. Colonoscopy patients felt less pain and need fewer sedative drugs if they listen to music during the procedure, according to several studies.

Music can alter a person's heart and breathing rates

When you listen to music, in addition to the brainwaves getting altered, you heart rate and pulse rate also are affected. Relaxation can be as easy as a listening to a slow piece of music, like the sublime Indian raga feel in the song, Humility, on Sacred Love, and encouraging the body to slow down.

Certain sound frequencies can dissolve blocks

Do you remember the commercial of the opera singer shattering a glass with her own voice? In a situation in which the voice of the singer is quite consistent with that of the glass, this happens. This is the same principle behind such ultrasound devices as those that detect things like kidney stones. Kidney stones can be broken up by ultrasound waves and eliminated with urine, providing an alternative to invasive surgical procedures.

Music has many benefits and uses for personal healing and in the medical world. Integrating music like Shambhu's Sacred Love into a healing regimen can benefit people who suffer from a wide assortment of ailments and conditions.

Visit ShambhuMusic.com

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