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4 Tips for Starting Your Freelance Writer Career

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 6   |   Comments: 0
In today's episode, we're going to look at several ways of getting started as a freelance writer.

The first method is to write for free. This is a great way of getting started and is a method I've used many times in the past. It might even lead to a job with that publication.

Once you get a feeling for writing, and more importantly, working within the style guides of different magazines, you can move on from there.

When I began writing, I had many options. My decision was to specialize. I chose to stick with photography and computer graphics software. Both of these can be highly technical areas and if you write for these publications, you€„¢ll be expected to do in-depth research. In this field, I started with reviews (which can be really time-consuming). Later on, I progressed to €Å"how-to€ articles, which were much easier (and enjoyable) to write.

Write book Reviews

This is an easy way of getting your writing career going and will give you referral material for other jobs. When you're in the early phases of writing, getting credibility is very important. This will increase your value in the eyes of editors.

When writing a review, create a strong opening paragraph. When writing the review, let the reader know what the book is about without giving away the story.

Write Profiles

This is one of my favorite forms of writing. You get to interview a person and tell their story. It's also an easy way of writing, if you do it correctly. I had one writing gig (Streaming Media World) and the vast majority of my work was interviewing people.

Over time, I became quite good at it and could create articles quickly. Most of the time I recorded telephone interviews, which I'd transcribe and edit later. If I had enough lead time, I'd do an email interview, which made life easier.

Everything you need to know is in the chapter: "How to Create Content from Interviews."

Look for Editing Jobs

If you have good writing skills, consider looking for work as an editor. Here are some compelling reasons why:

The pay is better
The hours are generally better
You don't have to write everything from scratch
You get to learn a new skill and improve your writing

So there you have it, 4 ways of getting your career going as a freelance writer.

See you next time.
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