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4 Tips for a Successful Job Interview

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 9   |   Comments: 0

Job hunting can be tedious and discouraging. Use these 4 tips to keep yourself fresh and hopeful as you seek out the right job for you.

1. Be your authentic self.
It never works to try and impress a future employer trying to be someone you are not. Trust that your inherent nature, and your natural gifts and talents have extreme value and that the jobs you are seeking will optimize those natural qualities of you. Trust that to make a €œgood impression it is always best to stay true to yourself.

2. Speak readily of your natural gifts and talents with confidence.
Are your gifts and talents having a big ideas and the belief that they are possible? Maybe your gifts and talents fall into the details and planning phase of a project. You may be someone that takes action readily and gets things done. Or, you have a critical eye for perfecting the outcomes and seeing what could be done better and faster. We all have inherent gifts and talents that we can optimize and monetize to make our working experience pleasurable and more than just a job that pays the bills. Let your gifts and talents be known by sharing firsthand real life examples of your successes optimizing them.

3. Dress to express your true nature so you look true to who you are.
If you are buoyant, bubbly person, don't dress in black! Wear bright colors and patterns that animate you, and come across as your lively, upbeat self. If you are more subtle in your manner, don't think wearing bright clothes will impress others! It actually sends a false statement about who you are and you could be setting yourself up for expectations you are not comfortable living up to. More subdued tones will depict a truer nature of who you are. Wearing black is really good for the more concise, structured, authoritative person. Black makes a stark statement, which says, €œI don't mess around if that is your nature, wear it to express that about yourself.

4. Believe you are going to get the job!
If you go in to an interview believing your chances are slim, you will not present yourself with the air of confidence you need to exhibit to land the job. Regardless of the economy, regardless of how many interviews you've seen come and go, the real truth is, the people that are getting hired are the ones that believe in themselves the most. If your inner mantra is €œI hope I get this job! change it to €œI am going to get this job, if it is right for me! Employers want self-acclaimed people on their team, not desperate job seekers that are worried about paying next months bills. Believe me, your confidence or lack of it bleeds through any image you are trying to put on. If it's not there, it's not there, so get it there!

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