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4 Things You Must Know About ADHD Medicine Long Term Effects

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 22   |   Comments: 0

We are going through a sort of emergency health crisis as regards the over prescription of ADHD meds without knowing or caring too much about ADHD medicine long term effects. A big problem is the mindset of parents, teachers and doctors who all want a quick fix to behavior problems in children and all the better if it has the ADHD label. It is trendy and it can explain a host of symptoms. Unfortunately the teacher has a mindset where he or she wants to keep the class under control. The doctor is rushed off his feet and may stand to gain by prescribing these ADHD meds. The parent also wants a quick fix and drugs seem the easiest option.

But when we look at ADHD medicine long term effects, the picture begins to darken and there are some worrying thoughts to plague our dreams and uneasy sleep. The first thing we need to keep to the forefront is that, if we cannot come to terms with behavior problems by learning a few techniques from behavior modification, then there is not much hope, quite frankly. The ADHD medicines will solve some of the immediate problems such as reducing hyperactivity, help to improve attention span and maybe aid concentration and focus but the ADHD medication long term effects will be brushed under the carpet.

So, what are the other things we need to know about ADHD medicine long term effects? The second one is that we live in a corrupt world (as if we didn't know!). That means that pharmaceutical companies, doctors, consultants and politicians have conspired for the sake of their own business interests, to influence clinical trials so that results are what they want and expect. Simply put, we are not getting nearly enough reliable and honest information about ADHD medication long term effects. There is simply a lack of data. Thank goodness there are organizations like Transparency International who are dedicated to fighting this sort of corruption, especially in cases for example where ADHD medication long term effects are 'censored' to gain money !

The third thing we need to know is that Ritalin has one alarming side effect which has received hardly any attention at all in the medical press - see my second point above. This is that Ritalin can increase anxiety, depression and increases the desire in some children to inflict injury on themselves.

The fourth thing to be aware of about ADHD medicine long term effects is that there are risks associated with taking these drugs and getting involved in drug abuse. Children will be asked to sell their drugs at school. At college,these drugs are sought (Adderall is astonishingly popular) as smart drugs to help students get through college exams. ADHD kids may be socially ostracized which further increases their chances of getting in on the drugs scene , not to mention the fact that the company making these drugs do happen to mention that there is a risk of substance abuse!

It is clear that parents are only getting a very blurred picture. Are these the risks you want your child to take? Have you considered a homeopathic remedy together with some ADHD behavioral therapy which will help you to get back in control again? The homeopathic remedies have no side effects or health risks at all.

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