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4 FAQS On Facial Cleanser Cream

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 36   |   Comments: 0

How much does a face lift cost now in the USA? The average price for a surgical lift is around $5,000. That money could be better spent on a holiday or for a fraction of the cost, you could invest in an effective facial cleanser cream and other anti aging products.

1st FAQ - Why are some facial cleansers quite hard on the face?
The answer is that they may actually be drying the skin out in the cleansing process and /or that you may be scrubbing too hard or vigorously. Did you know that the top layer of our skin, the epidermis is made up of 15% of water and amino acids? If this level falls, then dry skin will be the result. Sometimes, alcohols such as ethanol can have a drying effect too on the face.

2nd FAQ - How often should I wash my face and how often should I use facial cleansers?
We can decide to either do it once or twice a day but not more often than that. As regards the best movement, a press and release motion is recommended instead of vigorous rubbing of the skin. We need to remove dirt and grime but not essential oils and moisture. We can use deeper cleansing to peel off the dead cells by means of a mask or scrub about twice a week

3rd FAQ -What about a foaming facial cleanser cream?
We should have a careful look at the label and ensure that the synthetic chemical called Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is not there. This is great for forming bubbles and foam and gives a comforting feel but unfortunately, tests now show that it is not good for our health. It is easier now to find products which do not have this ingredient.

4th FAQ - What other ingredients should I avoid when choosing a facial cleanser cream?
We should make sure that parabens such as methylparaben and other synthetic chemicals such as triclosan are not on the label. Keep an eye for the word 'parfum' as this may mean that there are undisclosed ingredients in there. As perfume or fragrance is a trade secret, companies can get away with this. There is also the problem that an ingredient like grapefruit seed extract which sounds innocent enough, may well contain synthetic preservatives. These are not required to be listed as they are within that compound.

Apart from choosing a facial cleanser cream which is safe and effective, there is the problem of the other ingredients which are supposed to hydrate and restore and nourish the skin after the cleansing. If you want to find which natural plant oils are used, visit my website below. You will also find amazing innovations which actually restore collagen and increase hydration levels. These are just a click away.

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