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3 Tips for Buying a Wall Fountain

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 66   |   Comments: 0

Water fountains have been around for thousands of years, adding a touch of extravagance and tranquility to the grandest homes around the globe. Egyptians used them in outdoor gardens, while the Persians brought them inside and placed them within enclosed courtyards as a means of stimulating the heavens. In modern day, water fountains add serenity to any landscape or indoor décor, offering a way for the smallest areas to be comforting.

Wall fountains have all of the finer points of traditional water fountains, but are much more accommodating when it comes to space and maintenance than their outdoor garden counterparts. They can easily be adhered to any wall, both in and outdoors; many of them require little more than some basic household tools and water.

In order to assist you in preparing for your shopping endeavor, we've come up with 3 tips for picking out the ideal wall fountain for you and your home:

1.Wall Fountain Materials and Finish- Depending on if you plan on placing your new wall fountain in or outdoors, the finish of your wall fountain can vary to coordinate with any décor. Sandstone finish over fiberglass is one popular choice, as the lightweight make-up coupled with a classic finish brings function and art together into an indoor/outdoor wall fountain. Copper is another choice material for wall fountains, offering a different look to a classic piece. On the other hand, wall fountains made from cast stone, although very attractive, will serve a more practical purpose on an outside garden wall, as the weight of the object is more than likely too much for an interior surface.

2.Price- The average cost of a wall fountain depends mostly on two things- material and size. A lightweight fiberglass fountain will certainly weigh a lot less than a similar fountain made of cast stone. A 2-foot high piece will cost substantially less than a 6-foot fountain. But don't be fooled into thinking that you can't afford what you really want, as these types of items have been considered to be only affordable by the wealthy, and this is far from the truth. You'll be pleasantly surprised at what is in your price range, and you won't know until you start looking.

3.Don't Limit Your Shopping Options- You can shop at more places than just brick and mortar locales. The Internet has brought the world into your very own home, and online shopping is just one of the luxuries that has come in with it, proudly on its coattails. You can rest assured that you'll find the perfect wall fountain to match your style (as well as your wallet) via secure shopping at a top-notch site on the World Wide Web.

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