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3 Tier Stands - The 3 Critical Elements to Consider When Buying the Best Television Stand to Accommodate Your Needs

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 49   |   Comments: 0

In today's marketplace, with the size and selections associated with home TVs, you also need to look at your possibilities when it comes to choosing 3 tier stands.  This is because while acquiring your much desired TV requires some important decisions such as choosing HDTV, LCD, Plasma, 52 inches or 60, flat panel or projector, etc.,€¦the next largest decision has to be what is it going to sit on.  

There are a number of possibilities when it comes to media stands.  Here are three crucial aspects to think about when it comes to picking the best tall TV stand for you.  

    Size and Height- Is the stand substantial enough to carry the TV?  The platform of the large sets, particularly those that reside in the 52" and larger size are rather vast.  The stands of days gone by can't hold that giant of a pedestal.  Also, ask yourself "Is the TV stand is tall enough".  While sitting in your comfortable chair, is the middle to lower section of the TV at eye level or will you find you're putting a strain on your neck after a 2 hour show from staring down at the TV?

    Design - Does the look fit the room décor and TV that will sit on it?  Plus, does the design only allow for placement in one prime location and nowhere else?  Does it meet the needs of all extra media the tv will carry and will it shield all of the cables?  You can select from a variety of styles today as well.  Do you desire a contemporary look?  Or, perhaps something more modern may match your needs.  Is a common 3 tier TV stand what you have in mind or are you more impressed by something with cabinets and shelves for hidden storage?  Do you want the TV to set in the corner of your family room or will it set flat against a wall?  Would you appreciate a stand that swivels so you can modify the viewing angle?

    Material - Consider the kind of material your perfect tall TV stand is built from?  Is it glass, wood, pressed board, steel, etc.?  Then, take into account the meaning of having a TV stand built from that type of material.  If you want to transfer the TV base on occasion, is a wood stand too heavy to move?  Is a pressed board television stand able to endure that hefty TV for several years or will it eventually breakdown?  How durable would the steel TV stand be and will there be fingerprints all over the glass stand from the youngsters having fun around it?  Will the TV base you pick get dusty frequently and how simple is it to cleanup?

There really is no one ideal tall TV stand for everyone.  Then again, there is one ideal TV base for each individual who really enjoys their television.  Simply bear in mind what solutions fit your wishes the best and you'll have the dream set up for many years of fun television viewing experiences.

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