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3 Reasons You Should Control Moisture and Humidity in Your Basement

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0

Why not control the indoor air quality in your home by eliminating the musty odors in your basement ? Many homeowners have experienced it. In the past, homeowners actually ignored the problem and considered it normal for a basement to smell. Only until recently have we understood the impact of the basement air quality on our entire home. Some still choose to ignore the smells because they grew up in a home with a damp, musty basement and consider it normal.

For you to consider, here's three reasons to control moisture and mold in your basement.

At first, in its favor, allow me to point out that 40% of the air you breathe on your main floor comes from your basement environment. Sure, I understand your objection that you may have had a moldy, musty basement as a kid and nothing happened to you. That which you say may be true, I agree, but what if your family members suffer from allergies or maybe even asthma. Lowering the humidity in the basement and cleaning the air of mold spores and dust mites could help them breathe easier .

Second off, You actually should consider that those musty odors that your smelling is actually mold doing it's job, eating organic material. And, additionally, consider that by not controlling the humidity levels in your basement with an energy efficient dehumidifier, you are increasing the load on your central air conditioning system by forcing it to pull the moisture out of the air, costing you higher utility bills each month.

Third and ultimately, considering how much time we spend in or homes, if we were to control basement humidity and its musty odors, it may even reduce the need for all the over-the-counter allergy medicine we take

Which will probably imply that It's just a healthier way to live. And, additionally, added to that, you may even be inspired to finish and enjoy your basement. You already own the space, why not utilize it!

Once you have had an opportunity to study the reasons, you'll see that a pretty good case can be made in favor of controlling moisture and mold in your basement by installing a energy efficient dehumidifier and air filtration unit.

Learn the way to Control moisture and musty odors in your basement  at this website at (www.basementwaterproofingstcharles.com) .

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