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3 Reasons To Choose A Girl's Toddler Bed

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 75   |   Comments: 0

Have you noticed that your daughter is attempting to climb out of her crib when she is awake?   If she is then maybe now is the time to think about replacing it with a toddler's bed.   There are many different styles to select from and so finding one that suits her and the toddler bedding for girls she likes won't prove an issue.   

Of course you could go for a conventional size bed but we would highly recommend that you purchase a bed specifically designed for a toddler to use initially.  Below we take a look at some of the reasons why purchasing such a bed is a wise investment.  

Reason 1 - You will find that such beds tend to have much shorter legs compared to a conventional single bed so making them lower to the ground.  Not only will your daughter find such a bed much easier to get in and out of but there is less risk of them harming themselves should they fall out of it at night.  However if you want to provide additional protection many of these types of beds for toddlers can have safety rails fitted to the side.  These will then prevent your child from rolling out of the bed onto the floor at night.

Reason 2 - As well as being smaller than a conventional single bed you will find that this type of toddler bedding for girls is much cheaper.   Most of these beds are of a size that they are able to take a crib mattress so you can use the one that you currently have in your daughters crib.  Meaning you are actually saving money as you won't need to purchase a new one for it.  

Reason 3 - If the room that you have used as your daughters nursery isn't large then one of these will be great as they are compact.  This will then allow you to free up space in the room for other items of furniture that are needed as well as providing space for them to play.  

Above we have shown you just a few reasons for opting for a toddler bed for girls for your daughters room rather than immediately moving them into a large bed.  However a quick search online and you will find plenty of other reasons why investing in a toddler bed is such a good idea.  You will have no problem finding a great variety of bedding for your girl's toddler bed as there is a great selection for all favorite characters including the popular Disney Princess toddler bedding sets.

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