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3 Major Elements to Protect Health in Household Lighting Design

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 74   |   Comments: 0

Household adornment designs according to their economic status, household lighting design strengths. This will make fete guest atmosphere more warmly.

First, pay attention to the overall interests

The color of lamps and lanterns, modeling, style, and the interior decoration and home to match the style, each other echo. Gingerbread lamp, rather than brocade lily. On the choice of color in lamps and lanterns, except with indoor color fundamental key combination, also can choose according to individual's favorite. Finally, buy lamp decoration according to their economic status and decide.

Second, according to purchase

The sitting room is the place that persons radiator requirements to build a warm atmosphere, thus to choose grave and bright sitting room of droplight or absorb dome light advisable. If the room is taller, appropriate USES incandescent pendent lamp or a large circular droplight, can make a sitting room appears fully, but unfavorable use all worthy of droplight, light downward and should make the space also has certain brightness, to reduce brightness difference fluctuation space. The modeling of lamps and lanterns and color of furniture decoration with sitting room should be coordinated.

Study illume should be with bright, downy as the principle, choose the incandescent light bulb lamp relatively appropriate. Desk lamp should adapt to the nature of the work and the study need, appropriate chooses belt cover, the reflection of light point-blank lamp, open incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp used.

Several bedrooms can mix, downy light, adornment is strong lamps and lanterns can foil bedroom atmosphere of sweet elegance.

Dining-room table need is warm, bright; appropriate chooses the effect of direct illuminate downward position of lamps and lanterns, lamps and lanterns is in table above. In the table near the wall lamp appropriate allocation can warm, such meetings make fete guest atmosphere more warmly.

The kitchen, toilet and corridor is generally used to absorb dome light, because these places, and the brightness of the light is big, dust, moisture, and facilitating cleanness with light bulb for protection. Toilet should be adopted and rust has moisture-proof function of lamps and lanterns.

Third, safety first

When choosing lamps and lanterns in the first quality, you should check certificate. Most are not always the best, but it's too cheap must be bad. Many cheap lights quality closes nevertheless, often hidden trouble boundless, once fire, consequence is unimaginable. So how should we choose the lamps and lanterns of safe? Let SFYH.com tell you something.

1. Note anti shock protection. Lamps and lanterns is generally used in electric lamp does not conform to the requirement of electric parts or lamps and lanterns not cover as well as the shock protection measures. The normal is used when revolving light bulb lamps and lanterns, after electrify, people should not touch the live parts.

2. Note the cross-sectional area lamps and lanterns with wires can purchase: look on the outside of the wires of lamps and lanterns, printed signs insulation wire on the use of lamps and lanterns minimum area for 0.5 mm/square, some manufacturers to reduce cost, use wire on product only 0.2 mm/cross-sectional area in the abnormal condition, square, can make electrical wiring insulation, short-circuit, after burn.

3. Note the lamps and lanterns of attachment: if lamps and lanterns are equipped with electronic ballast, should choose the lamps and lanterns of abnormal protection electronic ballasts. As of lamps and lanterns, try choosing inductance ballasts is a high value of tw, especially tw130 such as heart condition, lamps and lanterns more should pay attention to this point. Tw is the highest rated ballast coil working temperature, the temperature; the ballast is continuous work ten years of life.

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