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3 Fun Math Activities for Kidsz

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 71   |   Comments: 0

Mathematics is said to be the study of the structure, change, quantity and space. Mathematicians, or those who work in this field, tend to study patterns and conjectures using the principles of deduction derived from definitions and axioms. Looking at this definition of mathematics, you will certainly remember those days when you were dreaded by the thought of learning math. Well, your kids may be feeling the same way at this point.

Luckily however, more and more kids have already appreciated math and even looked at it as a favorite subject in school. In fact, news by the Associated Press showed that a study made in UK found out that kids were better at math and worse in reading. Therefore, if you want your kids to hone their skills in mathematics, you have to start while they are young and you have to make the learning process as fun as possible.

Activity 1 - Use tools that you can find at home

Learning math starts from counting objects found at home. You can use "pick-up sticks" to help your child learn the art of counting. As for basic additions and subtractions, you can always use the traditional abacus (or even those that can be bought via school supply stores).

Activity 2 - Interactive math lessons

There are many Internet sites that can help you with this type of math activity for your kids.

1. Math Cats. This is a site which promises fun math activities for kids. It has thinking games such as "Math Cats Love MicroWorlds", "Math Cats' Attic", "Math Cats' Art Gallery", "Math Crafts" and "Math Cats Love Mail". Click over any of these activities and you will have many game choices.

2. Cool Math Games. This site is loaded with interactive games not only for learning math but for other subjects as well. Learn about numbers through Cool Math Games by using the featured number games in the site. Fraction Splat, Fractone and Crazy Taxi are just examples of the games offered by the venue.

3. Math Playground. In here, you will be given the chance to use tools such as "Thinking Blocks", "Computation", "Flash Cards", "Manipulatives" and "Worksheets". Logic puzzles, word problems, math videos and math games are available online as well. The site also has educational products for its patrons.

4. Kids Math Games. This site lists a number of other sites that can make math learning fun for your kids. Making a graph worksheet can also be accessed via the site. Learning to count is made fun and easy by Kids Math Games as well.

Activity # 3 - Download math worksheets that your child wants

When you are opening the computer to look for math worksheets, make sure that your child is part of the activity. That way, he can choose the type of worksheet he wants. There are some Free Printable Math Worksheets specifically made for the current grade level your child is in.

Above all these enumerated math activities for kids, it is important that you are there to assist your child while learning. Work together and know more about fun math games that you can use online.

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