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3 Eclectic Bedding Tips for Bunk Beds

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 74   |   Comments: 0

A kid's room is generally a showcase for first a parent's tastes and preferences, and as the child starts to get older, a place to where a youngster's individualism starts to flourish. Not every parent prefers coordinating bedding on Kids bunk beds and even if they do, as a child grows so does their personal taste and sense of style, which might be mismatched bedding. When this comes about, there are a few mismatched options that will maintain the classy and elegant nature of your kid's room, making certain that it does not conflict with the sophistication of the rest of the house.

There are 3 alternatives or design strategies for mismatched bedding on kids bunk beds that you can explore to give you that perfect style for your kid's space. You could try a similar design and unique hues, related color but distinct patterns or a slightly similar pattern and a slightly similar color.

1.       Same Pattern, Various Colors: a good example of this would be the Sea Spray Shadow Box Twin Bedding Set by Nurseryworks. This set is adorned with a seamless combination of cool colors and a bright, sunny colors that will instantly brighten up any room. It is crafted of 100% poplin cotton and designed for comfort and durability. The motif is just gorgeous and the stellar thing is it is offered in various designs. The Cantaloupe Shadow Box Twin Set by Nurseryworks is yet another really great alternative of same pattern-different colors mismatched bedding for kids bunk beds. Also made out of 100% poplin cotton, it has a variety of designs to satisfy your taste. Paired collectively, this mismatched bedding set may well be a match made in heaven. They are each distinctive enough to provide a vibe of distinctiveness and yet, similar enough to make the room pleasant and elegant.

2.       Similar Color, Different Pattern: One more way to tastefully use mismatched bedding for kids bunk beds would be the similar color, distinct pattern blend which makes use of all types of patterns from floral patterns to delightfully eye-catching motifs. The Hearts and Flowers twin set made by Argington, paired with the Fish and Pebbles twin set also made by Argington is a stunning blend. Both made of pesticide and herbicide-free organic cotton, they also have a similar color scheme. But while one is made of a design set in hearts and flowers, the other comes equipped with a fish and pebbles motif. They are great for kids bunk beds and they are stylishly sophisticated; the finishing touch to your youngster's room.

3.       Slightly Similar Pattern, Slightly Similar Color: if neither of the above choices works for you, you could try a little mix and match by utilizing a slightly equivalent pattern and also a slightly similar color. You may try for instance, highlighting the trellis patterns and grey details that are located on both the Petal Pusher Butterfly Ballet set by Nurseryworks and the Dinosaur Print set by Argington. They are comparable, both in pattern and in color but are not in anyway, the same. They each have a unique quality about them.

Whatever your preference in mismatched bedding sets for kids bunks, there is something for you.

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