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3 Dangers Of Parabens In Cosmetic Products

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 62   |   Comments: 0

Why are consumers so worried about the dangers of parabens to-day? One reason is that they are used in a very wide range of products from foods, oils and cosmetics as well as cleaning fluids and shoe polish! The second reason is that they are almost always used in nutraceutical products, probably as much as 95% of them. The third reason is that according to the U.S. Environmental Working Group the average woman uses up to 9 products a day which contains these substances

Are parabens bad?
These parabens are basically an antifungal agent used to prolong shelf life of products. They have been in use since the 1920s and have never given cause of concern as their level of toxicity has always been considered insignificant.

Given that they also account for no more than 1% of any product, the risks seem minimal. But are parabens bad, really? As they are used in so many body lotions and face creams, it is a cause of concern as the skin can absorb any harmful chemicals which they may contain. Also, as a considerable area of the body is concerned, it is wise to take precautions.

As a University of Reading study showed, there were several paraben compounds found in the cancerous tissues found in patients with breast tumors. There is another cause for concern in that they mimic oestrogen and that means they can be a cause of cancer in the body. Look carefully at the label and you can spot the ones ending in paraben, such as methylparaben, butylparaben and propylparaben. The main worry is that they have been linked to cancer so it is much safer to avoid them.

Another one of the dangers of parabens

While the FDA have played down the risks of these substances, I would say that more studies are needed. However one Danish research study showed that the parabens can easily be absorbed into the body. After applying skin lotions with parabens to young healthy males, the substances were later found in their blood and urine samples. The question is how easily can they be excreted or metabolized and what the long term risks are. While the jury is out, I personally would prefer not to take the chance and will look for paraben free cosmetics.

What is the most worrying of the dangers of parabens?
Nobody seems to be able to assess the cumulative effect of these substances on the body and how they build up. Again more studies are needed. Some nutraceutical companies are ahead of the game and are responding to consumer worries by producing paraben free products.

Now that you are armed with this information, why not take it a step further by discovering just what are the natural safer ingredients which are used now by companies who are prepared to spend more on research than their competitors. The company which is featured on my website is well aware of the dangers of parabens and have found safer and much more effective alternatives.

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